2014 Everydays June 24

I start the day with Robert, one of the awesome parents who carpools kids from South Pasadena and who helps out in many other ways πŸ™‚ Speaking of awesome parents …

We have many awesome parents that support this organization πŸ˜€ You know who you are!

After a little pit time I head to field knowing it needs some major re-painting. I get there…

Soccer goal posts on the field…

Not a big deal, but…

I am sure the morning warmup was on the same field. Battery is warming up in front of the field and soccer goal posts are still there. I move them. As I’m moving them Corwn says, we were going to move them (the soccer goal posts)

I pause, briefly, and continue moving the last goal post off the field.

Battery rushes over to move that last goal post off the field, a few more feet. It was practically off the field.

I never ask for help, if it is something I can handle on my own. Which is most of the time. As I’m getting ready to throw down paint, now that their field is ready for that, Corwin comes over to reiterate that the battery was going to move those goal posts

I look at him. I look away. He says something again. I look at him. I look way. This repeats several more times. My focus now is getting good marks down for the people to achieve excellence.

The moment was over. The posts were moved. Next

Painted field. Next πŸ˜€

Go to watch music ensemble. Get in front of the horn arc, middle, head tilted down to max peripheral vision. Watching horn manuels. Half way through opener decide making a PB&J would be a better idea

They have all the information they need. My instruction at this point is minimal for that reason.

The mellophone section. That’s what the whole hornline needs to look like.

Start lunch with Brian, King Taco, he shares some outstanding thoughts and perspectives. The field needs more attention. Battery/guard use of field in the morning limited what I needed to do. It is what it is. It’s all good

Drill arrives. Horns go into basics. Battery follows. Soon they are re-learning opener with new dots appropriate to actual member numbers. By the end of the block they look quite accomplished πŸ˜€

Off to music warmup they go πŸ™‚

Back on the field. Set to set, chunks, run opener. Overall they successfully achieve their current level of excellence πŸ˜€

Chunk production. Not tragic; not near what it was Saturday

Chunk closer. Tragic

I am just an observer at this point. I will create space and opportunity for them to achieve excellence but I cannot get between their ears and make this gig happen. It is completely up to them

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