2014 Everydays June 25

I ticked! 😦

Cardinal Rule #1, #2, or # 3 depending on you list…


I gave the truck key to Serica Sunday since guard was having a sectional Monday when the corps was given the opportunity that day to do other things and not rehearse. I was there about 15 minutes before call time and a significant portion of the corps was already there 😦

Serica showed up about 3 minutes later. But still…

I expect a very high degree of excellence of them and myself. That was not a most excellent moment for anyone

Truck was quickly unloaded and they were back on schedule. Corwin was there and off to warmups they went πŸ™‚

Had a listen with Jaymi, while the corps stretched/PT’d. She’s the pit instructor, and always has smart, thoughtful comments, ideas.

Warmups end. When horns move their usual zone I have the arc turn 180 degrees as the site admin is meeting that AM

The band director at the school that is hosting us for everydays is there, watching the pit. I engage him in conversation and…

An hour later I excuse myself too look for Jeff πŸ™‚

See the hornline in their routine and …

DANA BABA!!! I knew she was coming. Very nice to see her there πŸ™‚ at that time

I’d been communicating with Jeff and knew he would be there shorty, I took a potty break

Come out, Jeff’s there. I continue to the truck, get field/paint stuff and move to the field

Guard is running stuff. I paint around them. Music ensemble time. I go there,

Wanting to remain in a positive vibe I stay under the truck. Hornline comes by. I chat with Dana a bit. We have the same concerns, visually 😦 Musically the hornline seems to have stepped up to a new level πŸ˜€ Block ends

Lunch under the truck. PB&J and water πŸ™‚

Vizh block, very encouraging. Set to set, chunk, run through ballad. Set to set, chunk, run production. Do a visual run of whole show, top to bottom! They reached a new level visually πŸ˜€

Off to music warmup, then back on the field.

Chunk ballad, run. Chunk production, run. Chunk closer, run. Run opener, top to bottom!

Set for, due a run through!


The magic is happening!

Good for them

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