2014 Everydays June 26

The day starts in Glendora. My days always start in Glendora; its where I live 😀 My drum corps day starts in Glendora. I’m needed at the school district’s office to finalize paperwork for our Saturday rehearsal site at the high school 🙂

Three district offices and three school site offices later, I complete and submit the paperwork. Only took about an hour 🙂 Not unusual for school business in the summertime. People are in meetings, people are on vacation, substitute secretaries are covering for people on vacation. At least everyone knew what I was talking about; our request was on the computer. It was all good. Being a patient person and knowing how schools work helped a lot 😀

Now I’m on my way to Huntington Beach!

Get there, guard greets me 🙂 Run to potty and then back to truck for paint and stuff. I stop and listen to the horns for a bit from the lot. Listened to and watched battery after potty break. Listening to pit while watching the guard rep stuff. I’m feeling a very cool vibe and focus 😀 Almost like tomorrow is a show day. Oh, wait…


Get to field. Boy, does it need a lot work! Of course it does! Rep’d so much yesterday and the paint is water based. Environmentally friendly, but wears out fast when marched all over 🙂 I redo almost the whole field

Music ensemble time. HUGE improvements from the hornline. Very, very encouraged for their success this weekend at their first 3 competitive shows 🙂 block ends, lunch time

Today I’m joined under the trailer with the Afton everyday gang: Stephanie, Zack, Richard, and a couple others. Sorry I forgot who else as more came and joined later: Mando, Brandon, Riley, etc.

Riley is in some serious pain. He’s a sax player doing baritone for drum corps. I encourage him to see a doctor, sooner then later. Marching a hole sucks but good health trumps all. His dad comes to pick him up for the doctor’s

I head to the field early, just because. As I’m zinc’ing up, battery arrives, ten minutes before the block! HYPE! Hornline arrives soon after. Ruben, Horn Sargent, asked if he can stretch the hornline before we start vizh. Ok, I say. Will asks if he can take some time to adjust harnesses so battery can level drum heights. Ok, I say 🙂

When we all get on the field for vizh it’s: end of production, set to set, chunk, run, closer set to set, chunk, run, ballad top to bottom, go back and chunk, opener top to bottom, then full vizh run. Everything is looking very show ready. Very pleased for them

Music warmup

During music ensemble I am noticing lots of improvements. Also seeing them fatigue as they are experiencing the 5th of all day rehearsals

As performers they maintained that first level of performer excellence from the previous day. I was hoping, expecting they would reach that second level today. I don’t know why I was, but I was.

They are SO ready for this weekend of shows. Hope they understand and enjoy how special these moments in life will be to them

Drum Corps. It will change your life! 😀

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