2014 Glendora, CA Show

Arrive at pre-show rehearsal site about 15 minutes before call time. Truck is there and mostly unloaded! Smart kids šŸ˜€ Zach, one of the DMs approaches me and asks me what needs to be done šŸ˜€

That is very typical of both of our DMs, Henry and Zach. They are two of the best kids I’ve had the privilege to work with, ever!

I ask Zach to get a box of paint and put it on the paint roller thing and take that to the field. Time is precious and very compacted on show day rehearsals. I call Jeff, give him the currents and head to the field.

After warmups, Henry helps me lay down what the kids will see tonight, field marks-wise in record time, while Zach assists with the hornline warmup.

Guard checks in with me about ensemble start time as both battery and horns are running a bit over schedule. It’s all good. I tell the guard, who are quite near, when the sectional music stops be ready to move, as then the horns and battery will soon go to a brief music ensemble. Almost that fast the sectional music stopped šŸ˜€

Chunk this that and the other. Performance air and fingers. Everyone’s in, yada yada. Next, everyone’s on the field

Chunk, run, break down problem moments, chunk, run, performance air and fingers, chunk, run. Cleaned up stuff! Set for a full run, coming on the field.

They have the best run through this season! Buzz! Electric! Hype! šŸ˜€

They load the truck and are dismissed

Great anticipation for tonight! šŸ˜€

At pre-show warmup. I give DANA BABA and Morgan the hornline vizh warmup time šŸ™‚

Pre-show music ensemble rocks!

Very chill, but still very electric vibe is evident. They take the field. Show #2!

All kinds is excellence and achievement demonstrated! I’m actually close to tears several times! :’) Their performance consistency was definitely their best, so far šŸ™‚

Judges comments were appropriate to their performance. Excellence! Achievement!

Need to lock a few details down.

Love this group, these people šŸ˜€ They are on a path yet travelled! I know the way

Consistent excellence = pain, discomfort

Embrace that the next level of magic will occur once you decide to push beyond your comfort zone

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