2014 Oceanside Show

Pre-show rehearsal at Marina

After they unloaded the equipment, Jeff and I have the corps put back into the truck anything that isn’t moving. Shows day! We don’t want to take any chances. Summer classes are in session, it’s a Friday. Kids will do stupid things just because. Best to remove temptation

Jeff and I stay by the truck a good forty minutes after corps is in warmups, methodically closing doors. As we are about to leave for the field, Evan shows up. Jeff unlocks the door.

Finally we are on our way to the field. Niko is arriving at the same time. We share some conversation.

When I get to the field, I think it looks good. Further inspection tells me to repaint all the white and blue marks

After music warmup, I paint one last yard line and head to “the box” Jeff, Niko, and Heffa soon join. The corps arcs behind pit

We chunk and run through the the show, going back a breaking down a few chunks that need to be broken down, and reworked. Get through that and set for field ensemble

Go through the same process again, on the field. Tune the show up as best we can with the time we had. Set for a run. Their progress this week, and the last two days has me feeling very optimistic

The run is not as good as last nights last run, but we know why. Longer rehearsal day previous, more reps, more reinforcement.

Off to lunch on their own they go πŸ™‚

Buses to San Diego arrive a little late which fits as we have stragglers getting back from lunch break

On the way to Oceanside. I’m sitting on the percussion bus. Share Impulse and drum corps stories with Chris Rogers πŸ™‚

Arrive on site. Appears our usual spot is now spectator parking. We’re are to head to an upper lot, second driveway

The show is hosting more corps, almost twice as many as usual. Warmup zones are tight

Get zone for the horns. They go into stretch routine, finish. My time is tight and two them up and move them. End our time with Dana Baba words of inspiration πŸ˜€

I forgot mention…


Went to stadium to get a snack, run into parent who had a kid in our corps several years ago. Their kid is in SCV now. Thanked me, and the organization for doing a good job getting their kid skilled up, helping earn a music scholarship, making a world corps, etc. Smart kid!

Make my way back to pre-show music ensemble. Several of my old corps mates are there watching too! How cool! ))hugs(( The kids have a great music run through of the show.

They get to the gate. Soon it’s their time to take the field!

First show! πŸ˜€

I honestly did not appreciate their performance as much as I should have. I apologized to them later about that. Apparently the buzz on the internet in the drum corps world, their first show was considered a strong opening and also considered the most entertaining in the open class, and the most intricate and physically demanding πŸ˜€

That’s how we roll!

Technically it was a good show throughout. It was their performance level inconsistency that had concerned me most. But really, that’s totally on me. I could have, should have prepared them better

That didn’t stop my friends from calling, texting, messaging me past 2AM telling me what a great performance they saw, or heard about πŸ˜€

Thank you, Impulse πŸ™‚

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