2014 RCC Show

Didn’t rehearse that morning. You would not have known this fact later πŸ™‚

Either the consecutive rehearsal/show days are getting to me, or it was a little warmer than usual. I put on a hat in the first time in forever πŸ˜€

After getting the horns set in their vizh/music zone, I tell Jeff I’m taking the podium down to the field. He asks me if I need help. I tell him, no thank you. He waves at me with one…

Hi Jeff πŸ™‚

Sorry Jeff

I’m around, but I’m not, during sectional warmups. Staying out of the way intentionally. I take the podium down to the field. On my way back, run into an instructor of mine from my member days :’) I’m amazed at how locked that moment was. His words are echos in mine. That moment ends as we both have other realities to attend to.

I watched a bit of battery’s lot before moving the podium. Huge crowd πŸ˜€ As I’m returning I see percussion is about to set for a run of the show. Slow my pace to arrive at just that moment. I do

There run is amazing. A crowd of people manage to effectively wedge me in front of side two marimbas. It’s mostly friends and family. Someone coming across the front of the pit from side 1 to side 2 bumps me slightly, unintentionally. Saw them coming so stepping towards Ai’s marimba was the best space for me to go. She and Ashley are there and we talk briefly. Crowd starts to dissipate, heading to the stadium.

Hornline arrives. Guard also. Music run of the show is absolutely electric! Hype time. I tell the horns to find shade and hype in the shade. They do. Jaymi asks me to grab a speaker. I do, and start walking with the pit to the stadium. We get there with about 20 minutes before our show time. I see shade and head over to it πŸ˜€

My old corps director passes by where I am curb sitting. Also with him are some of my old corps mates. Conversation is flying back and forth, next thing I know the corps is moving onto the field. A parent covered me and is moving the speaker onto the field.

My first and only comments to the hornline before they compete were as they entered the field. “Lift up, be tall in transition.” , and, “First step accuracy.”

They take the field. Their show is performed as perfectly as I had imagined it, to this point :’)

What I had dreamed this weekend to be, had become a reality. I’m emotionally overwhelmed πŸ˜€

In the circle at the truck I thank them, congratulate them, encourage them to continue the historic progress they made this week in rehearsals and in this weekend’s shows

As they put away equipment and get out of uniform, I’m sitting on my water jug, just off to the side of all the activity.

Trevor looking at me with slight concern as I am somewhat staring off into space…

Trevor: Ray?, what’s wrong?
Me looking up at Trevor: you guys have completely drained me emotionally

Trevor looking slightly confused: isn’t that what you asked us to do?!

I could only smile and nod gently to Trevor’s inquiry πŸ™‚

In two weeks we will all be moving on to new realities

Savor the moment πŸ˜€

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