2014 Everydays July 1

Went Monrovia 🙂 Got Brandon first, then Kelsi. Ride over was uneventful, thankfully.

I started the day with a tick. It’s ten after nine and equipment trailer is not open yet because I have the key.

Kids can’t move with a purpose if the trailer is not open, Ray.

As I get closer to the trailer, I slow my vehicle and extend my hand and arm out the window with the key in hand. Hans sees and quickly retrieves the key and begins unlocking doors. I find a place to park and get a marker and the schedule out to write the schedule for the next three days on the board.

Equipment is rapidly moving off the trailer, and the kids there seem to be in good spirits. They do seem to be a little tired still, surprisingly since they had a previous day off; but those there are definitely moving with a purpose.

Many have yet to arrive, those are arriving now are straggling in. They had all worked very hard the prior week, and their hard, smart work was evidenced by the three following phenomenal shows. The best three shows in the corps history!

But that was then and this is now. Time to get back to work and make another level of magic happen!

Because of the late start, due in part to me not sufficiently planning for weekday morning traffic, I tell the kids to go right into sectionals. They can stretch after lunch before vizh block.

Mike, the director is there. We talk briefly about management stuff regarding tour and a few lateral items. I thank him, shake his hand, and he leaves to go handle corps business.

Gathering the usual field stuff, I then head out to the field. I see the field last painted the previous Friday. All looks well, but faded. As I prepare to lay down fresh paint, I notice a school staff maintenance person mowing the fields. Taking that cue, and not having had breakfast, I head back to my van to make myself some PB&J sammiches 😀

As I eat and enjoy my breakfast, I’m also listening and enjoying the pit warm up. One of the most amazing pits on the field this summer! Not my words. The drum corps internet chatter has placed this group, and the entire drum corps as a must see this summer!

That’s how we roll! 😀

The mower sound fades to the distance. I emerge from my van and head back to the field.

I’m only painting the white marks from today through the rest of the season. Moving very deliberately I get marks down. Doing this, most rehearsals and doing at least 50% of this year’s instruction has me a little mentally, emotionally fatigued also. I hope I never look fatigued. If i do, someone needs to tell me to knock that crap off.

When all that is left are the front sideline yard marks, Robert Mac Tavish appears 🙂 I stop painting, and we engage in conversation 😀

After it was however long we talked, I hear music ensemble begin. I suggest we move over to that part of the world, and we do.

They chunk and run stuff, Jeff and I talk in between. I cross caption some 🙂 Jeff has the horns sounding great! They end the morning block with a full music run. It’s the best so far this season! 🙂

During lunch time, Brandon makes a PB&J, as does Kelsi 🙂

At the start of vizh block, Niko wants to take the battery and rework some sets at the end of drum solo. While he does that, I have the hornline stretch and do basics.

The block started at 2PM; I’d hoped we’d be back of schedule by 2:30. Closing in on 3:00, battery is still reworking drill. I’m calm, believing Niko is adding points, not just tenths.

Soon that’s done and the corps takes the field. Production: set to set, chunks and a run 😀

In less than an hour, that’s done. Including two water breaks. Effective instruction 🙂

Music warm up time. I go use the potty

Field ensemble! 😀 Focus is production and ballad as the color has new there. Shauna is there also, to help the Colorguard integrate the new into drill. That portion of rehearsal is quite successful! Thank you Shauna 🙂 The rest of the corps continues to clean other spots also, visually and musically 😀

But overall, individual effort, focus, and performer commitment is inconsistent. Like they had a day off. Do an air and fingers run. Not good. Reset, full run

Inconsistent performance energy.

Musically today, many, many positive things happened. Visually, a different story. It’s the easiest and hardest part of their gig. Easiest because it engages their large muscle groups. Hardest because excellence requires total commitment in energy and performance every set, every rep, every chunk, every run. That’s the hard part. I understand, and from here forward it’s a mental challenge more than anything.

Hoping for a better today 😀

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