2014 Everydays July 2

This morning…

That happened, or didn’t. All depends on your perspective.


Had many thoughts about words to share about this morning. Stood back and observed instead. Commenting on the present in relation to the future, placed those comments i might have made, in the past. I moved on

Sectionals got started. Most were there. Jeff and I had an opportunity to chat/plan about tour, schedules, logistics, buses, meals. Mike was there too πŸ™‚ Jeff and I will talk more later. Mike will get a copy

Jeff had to go back to horn sectional. Mike and I had a longer talk about where things are at this season and how we got here. He mentioned the upper echelons of DCI personal came by the Impulse souvie booth throughout the weekend to compliment him on the strength of the corps this last opening weekend

If everyone knew how little they’ve actually rehearsed πŸ˜€ When they have rehearsed, each section has been very smart and made the most of their time together

Mike and I also talked about plans for next year. Lots more to discuss there. We have a plan

After all that, I had my PB&J then went to field. Checked field conditions. Going to ask Henry to touch up front hashes and yard line ticks πŸ˜€ (didn’t happen; I blame Alisia)

I’m visiting horn sectional. Jeff is working closer music. I’ll check with guard about their progress this morning, later.

Jeff hands me a sketch of tour and a pencil. After going over it slowly, I make marks, hand it back to him. He comments on my marks; I comment on his comments πŸ™‚ He is going to add more and we’ll discuss that later

Music ensemble time is approaching πŸ˜€

Ensemble sound – phenomenal!!!

Jeff and I talk during lunch over a range of topics, related to right here right now, tour, and the future πŸ˜€

I get a text from Alisia (mello 2011, 2012) She’s on site! I let Jeff know and he leaves for lunch. Lisi pulls into the back lot and She and I have some conversation. It’s the back end of lunch break.

When I see horns two up and head to the field, I tell Lisi I need to be on the field also. We walk there

Take my usual space under the scaffolding. Lisi sits next to. While watching horns and battery stretch then go into basics, we chat πŸ™‚

Time to hit the field! Guard added work to ballad and we start there. It’s a grindingly slow pace as the focus is Colorguard and getting choreo coordinated with drill. Water. Pace picks up a little when we do end of production, then top to bottom of opener. Water. Do a full vizh run. Section warmups are happening by 3:59

Like a boss! Respect and manage your block time πŸ™‚

Warmups go well, soon they’re back on the field. Chunk, run ballad a few times. Water. Chunk, run production a few times. Water. Opener, closer chunks. Water. Set for 2 runs.

The day ended better than my morning projection. But today could have been better, much better. They’ve yet to understand that off the field consistency effects and affects on the field consistency

They have 11 days to figure that out

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