2014 Everydays July 3

The morning, to me, starts off slowly, but there’s a cool chill vibe. I have a brief chat with Elise, go to my van to start thinking through specifics for the rest of my day. Ashley, Ai, and Brandon stop by and we all talk briefly 🙂

DONUTS!!! Noah brought donuts for the pit!!!!

Kelsi brought donuts for Kelsi the other day, but a couple of other people managed to get one also.

Wandered over to guard. Told them about final silks coming in today. They will have them by field ensemble time 🙂 We chatted a bit about this that and the other a bit longer. Mostly about the previous three shows, judges comments, then a little bit about tour.

Battery it going to be on the field with pit this morning so I Shanghai Zach to help me throw down marks before that happens.

Last night and this morning I’ve been thinking about end of year awards. Too soon? Naw, everyone is going to get better, everything is going to get better, their performances and their achievement are going to improve. I feel asleep with two names in mind for the visual awards. I woke with the same two names in mind. All about consistence and excellence continuously applied all season.

I asked Zach if he were to award those visual awards to two people, whom would they be. Almost without hesitation the same two names that have been in my mind the last 12 hours fell out of his mouth 😀

Love those moments 🙂

Jeff meets with me on the field briefly. I promise to get to the horn arc soon.

Sooner is sooner rather than later 🙂 Jeff’s been up all night fine tuning the schedule. I review, just three question, clarification points from my end. We’ll talk again at lunch.

Go back to van. Eat the PBJ. Plan was to get a quick read on what’s happening on the field, pit/battery. Should have counted on getting sucked into the cool vibes. Watch/listen to a few reps of closer. Horns are there ready for music ensemble. I make a quick run back to my van.

The horns are holding back. We ask them not to. They are bad that way, always holding back. 10 days. No reason to hold back EVER on anything these next 10 days

UNLEASH!!!!! 😀

Rest of ensemble goes better


Lunch time, Jeff and Mike discuss schedule, I listen. At this point, I say, it’s all about the menus, clean up times. The schedules are tight. It will work, we just need to make sure we know what is going to happen when, and be prepared if it doesn’t 😀

Vizh block time 🙂

Next 30 minutes, two objectives for hornline: Phantom halt in the company front in the closer before the push, and in the ballad a vizh at the first halt

That gets done. (I like the mellos vizh most. Trumpets and baritones will do now too. I’ll explain later.)

During that time, battery is also working on vizh for themselves at the end of the percussion feature. As the hornline exits the field, the battery goes on, works the vizh then works the vizh in context of the drill. Reps and done. Water

Everyone on the field. Set to set production. Chunk, run that. Water. Move on to the second chunk of the opener. Set to set, chunk, run that. Water

Music warmup time 🙂 PBJ time for me 😀

Field ensemble time! Chunk run parts of show. Awareness in any rehearsal situation is always critical. Being on the field with all sections, hyper-critical. Last rehearsal EVER at this site for this season, why anyone’s eyes/ears would stray from the box…

Teachable moments 😀 What I was able to teach in that moment will be remembered FOREVER by those with awareness

😀 I love me!

Kids had a great Last rehearsal. Lots got done. They are so ready to remind people who’ve not seem this corps in awhile what they are all about!

Thank you. See you on the bus!


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