Getting better, the Remix

Went to the ER Sunday afternoon after the bleeding and pain that started Saturday night had significantly increased.  Two nurses helped re-admit me to the hospital, Danielle and Danielle. They had quite an interesting back story 🙂 It was slow in the ER and I took the opportunity to engage them in conversation and be extra nice 😀

I got to my room at shift change time. My overnight nurse was Ronda. She’d been my nurse one overnight shift the second week of July and was pleasantly surprised she had remebered me 🙂 I had left the house without eating and stayed up most of that first night feeling a little anxious and hungry. Ronda brought me juice and snacks several times before I was finally able to fall asleep.

Monday my nurse was Logan. Big white dude 🙂 , could totally see him rocking out at a Pearl Jam concert. Logan had been my nurse several times the previous month, so we knew each other. He likes calling me “Bro” 🙂 I normally don’t like being called “Bro” by semi-strangers, but me and Logan, we cool

My diet was liquid. Broth, tea, grape and apple juice, some fruity protein drink, jello, and an Italian ice; breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Yum. But really, it wasn’t that bad. Part of the process I’ve placed myself in.

Overnight nurse was new to me, Julia. Nice girl. The day was uneventful and once I finally fell asleep, it was well past midnight. When she came in for vitals around midnight, she asked me why I was still up. I told her, no sleep ’til Brooklyn. She laughed politely. I asked her if she ever heard that song before; she said, no. I asked her if she has ever heard of the Beastie Boys; she said, no. But she has heard of Vanilla Ice! 😦

SMH. Some people, you don’t need to know.

Allie 🙂

Today was another uneventful day. If you live your life and never get to know what NPO means in dietary terms, consider yourself very lucky. Not a big deal either way. It is what it is. I placed myself in this reality and I will deal with it, very effectively, thank you. Nurse today was Irene, another new one to me 🙂

Surgery seems to have gone well. Dinner was a little more normal. Cream of something soup, chocolate ice cream, coffee, cranberry juice, pudding, milk, and some creamy strawberry protein drink.

Yessica just came by to say hi 😀 Several nurses from my first visit have come by to say hi. Nice people here and I’m an exceptionally good patient!

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