Giving Compliments

…or flirting?

This morning, Art, who had been my nurse several days last month, but not this day, saw that I was back in and stopped by before his shift to say hi. We had a good chat going for several minutes before EJ came into my room. EJ is a volunteer and was bringing me my breakfast and straightening out the table next to my bed to place the tray. EJ had come by my room yesterday, a few minutes before I was to leave for sugery. I really didnt pay much attention to her as my mind was preoccupied. Yesterday was the first day I had met her. I greeted her with a, “Good morning, EJ.” She seemed surprised that I remembered her name

I’m sure she looked much the same the previous day, how she styled her hair in particular. I interrupted my conversation with Art to compliment EJ on how she styled her hair and how well it framed her face. Art, playfully I’m sure, said, “Hey, are you flirting with her?” “No,” I said, “just giving her a compliment.” I continued chatting with EJ a bit more until Art finally said, “Well, I am going to go sign in.” “Good,” I said. “Now I can openly flirt with EJ without comments from you.” 🙂 (btw, EJ is a 20 something doing volunteer work for college credit) Art left, smiling, and EJ and I chatted for only a few more minutes.

Most people, I think find making pleasant, spontaneous conversation down right difficult, if not completely immpossible. Throw in a casual compliment here and there and some people interpret that as flirting. Meh, like I’ve said before. Perception is reality. Whatever; I’m sure Art was mostly kidding anyway.

Ironically, or not, when Art had a break later in the day, he spent it in my room and we chatted away through his breaktime 🙂 I don’t remember the context or at what point in our conversation, but I made a reference to my quirky, unique, personality. He complimented me by telling me I’m one of the coolest people he’s met. Was he flirting with me? No, well, probably not 🙂

About the cool guy thing. I am oximoronic, a paradox. My geekness, dorkness, derpness, nerdness is elevated to such a high degree that through highly filtered perceptions it comes across as something, more often than not, as quite the opposite.

Speaking of my quirky personality…

They’ve had me on 2 pain medications, but I’ve been only taking one of them since I’ve returned. The first month, I took both, but I think I was over-medicated. More often than not, I felt no pain. Pain is part of the healing process. Pain is part of any process that challenges you to be better. I like feeling of getting better 🙂 I’m taking just enough pain meds now to take most of the edge off, so if I try to do too much my body yells at me right away, “Hey, knock that crap off!!!” 🙂

Last night, by the time I hit the ground, I’d managed to turn my body and landed mostly on my left shoulder blade. All the surgeries have been on the right side. If I had been holding a horn, it would have been saved! 😀

Nobody saw me fall. It was late, lights were out and the curtain was drawn. The only sound I made was my body hitting the floor. My room is near the one of the nurses’ stations and they just called out, asking me if everything was okay 🙂

Of course everything was okay! 😀

Every little thing is going to be alright

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