First Day of School! :D

My mother walked me all the way to class every day during kindergarten. When first grade started I recall very vividly that on that initial day, I stopped walking a few houses away from the school and told my mother, in no uncertain terms, this is as far as she was allowed to walk with me and that I would make it the rest of way “all by myself!” 🙂

First day of junior high was terrifying, having to get on a yellow bus and travel 6 miles to a completely unknown world. Puberty had kicked onto high gear and I was super self conscious about my appearance. I must have done well putting myself together that first day because at the end of the day while I was sitting alone on a bench near the school bus stop, an 8th grade girl and her friend came and sat next to me. She was very aggressive, putting her hand behind my head, then running her hand down my neck and across my shoulder before finally letting it rest on my forearm. She told me I was cute, while sizing me up withw her eyes like a flesh eating mammal would size up its prey before devouring it. “Thank you,” was all I was able to stammer out. She was physically stunning; nothing junior highish about her physic. She and her friend just laughed, stood, and walked away

First day of high school was preceded by an all night phone call. Literally. My best friend, Lorraine, and I talked on the phone through most of the night. I say most of the night because there were several times during the late evening and early morning where one of us or both of us would fall asleep. We would, at that point, just lay on our bed with the phone next to our ear and wait until the other person woke again and then we would resume our conversation. As far as the actual first day, I remember I was visually superior 😀 I had spent most of the summer esembling a rockstar wardrobe that would set me apart from all others 🙂 or so I thought

The first day of my senior year was a major drag. I had completed my first year of drum corps and felt like 17 going on 30. I was more than ready to be done with high school, socially and emotionally. During my freshman, sophomore, and most of my junior year I had isolated myself on campus as most often and as best as I could (Remember, I don’t like people 😀 ) I made it a point that on the first day of my last year in high school, and throughout the year, to make sure I said hi and hung out with as many of my old and new friends as possible. As often as I could I’d spend a lunch, or a nutrition at a different table or tree or bench or short wall then I would normally do otherwise. I wanted to make that I made one last connection with the people I’d grown up with from elementary school and the friends I made through adolescence.

What I most recall about my first day at community college was that I didn’t drive. Didn’t have a license. (Nor would I for anothet two and a half years; my choice 🙂 ) I walked to school because it was only 2.5 miles from my house. That first day, even back in the day, it was crazy watching people drive around and around in circles, looking for a place to park.

My first day at the university was a summer session. It was great way to start off that experience in the summertime for a variety of reasons, but most importantly back in the day, not a lot of people attended the summer session 🙂 I was already somewhat familiar with the campus because during high school I had attemded a handful of academic workshops and conferences hosted by the university 🙂 Having spemt time before amd after those previous occasions wamdering aroumd campus had me feelimg comfortable when I actually started attending

First day. First days. 😀

Catdinal numbers: first, second, third,

Labeling. Organizing our life. Getting off to a good start is important, not just in school, but in each amd every day. Plan. Write stuff down. Make lists. Check your lists. Prioritize your lists. Make sure you allow in your schedule and routines time to eat and sleep and rest. Also important is time to be alone or be with friends and do nothing, or do something social 🙂

In the process of growing up, in the process of gettimg things done amd being responsible, in the process of planning and evaluating goals amd what’s been accomplished and what has yet to be achieved…

Live! Love! Enjoy the sunset or sunrise. Once in awhile, spend a lazy morning, afternoon, or evening with a friend or friends 🙂


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