11 Words that describe You! :)

Bouncing around the internet this evening I was reading all different kinds of articles. One of the articles I ran across was one about giving people compliments and suggested words to use when complimenting people. I made it into a little ELA exercise for myself, picking some of the suggested words, and added a few of my own or switched a suggested word to a synonym. For example, majestic; that’s not an easy word to use in a casual compliment 🙂 I actually had someone specific in mind when I was thinking of these words and applying them into these sentences. However, in the process of this exercise I came to the realization that all of these words and sentences would also apply to at least 99.78% of the people on my FB friends list and probably also apply to most if not all of the people that will eventually read this post! Why not, right?! 😀 Regardless if this sounds a little arrogant, but I believe if you like reading my blog posts, you’ve got your own level of awesomeness going on there 😀

Read and enjoy! This may be you!!!

Enticing: The thought of seeing you is always an enticing thought 🙂

Wondrous: Wondrous is how our time together has been, each and every time.

Stunning: Every time I see you, you are more and more of a stunning sight.

Breathtaking: When people ask me how you looked, after I’ve seen you I say, simply breathtaking.

Noble: Every day you live your life in the pursuit of noble excellence.

Elegant: I’ve never met anyone more elegant than you.

Lovely: One of my favorite things about you is you have a family that is most lovely in so many ways.

Angelic: When your eyes light up and that warm smile crosses your face, you become angelic; which is more often than not.

Charming: The very first conversation we had, I thought of you and still think of you as exceptionally charming.

Passionate: I love that you are passionate about the people, ideas, and activities you believe in.

Dazzling: Your dazzling personality is a never ending source of inspiration to all your friends, family, and all the people you work with and encounter.

Love you all. Miss you all. Hope to see many of you soon. Make a comment or PM me if you think this is you 😀

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