2014 Impulse Battery: Part 2

I’ve known some of these people longer than others, so naturally I will have more to say about some more than others. The amount I write about a person is not directly related to the level of affection I have for that person. Having said that, it would also be inaccurate to assume that what I write is all I have to say about a particular person ๐Ÿ˜€

Basses #4 and #5
Every year my respect and admiration increases for those that choose to march these massive percussion instruments. A general comment about all Impulse members past and present: Impulse attracts some of the best and nicest young people year after year. These guys definitely fit that description. Their participation also speaks to the high quality of character both of these young men possess and demonstrate. We were in need of two bass drummers, they got the call, and they stepped up. Not only did they rise to the challenge, they excelled and helped anchor one of the best sections in this drum corps.

Bass #3
I had the most fortunate opportunity to have many conversations with this guy over the past year. He’s a great example to me of so many positive qualities a young person can strive for. My appreciation for him goes beyond the fact that he’s a thoughtful, sensitive, and compassionate individual. His communication skills have helped me arrive at a deeper understanding to some of my thoughts and beliefs, and that’s lead me to modify or even change some ideas I’ve held for a long time. He is a naturally born leader.

Bass #2
Sunshine with mallets. I don’t think that ever present smile he has or the cheerful greeting he gives me every time I see him is superficial. I think he has a genuine joy and positive passion for life that he can’t help but to share it with everyone. He consistently lifts my spirits and the spirits of others. Sometimes I would even find myself going out of my way to see the bass drums, because I knew I would walk away smiling. His energy is infectious.

Bass #1
If #2 is sunshine with mallets, #1 must be a supernova ๐Ÿ˜€ Her effervescent personality gives off such a shine and warmth she can make a dreary cold day seem like a perfect sunny Spring day. She possesses a mental toughness that makes her fiercely competitive. Her intensity and focus as a performer is unmatched. Since I’ve known her she has improved dramatically in all areas musically and visually, and she continues to push herself in a disciplined manner.

I’m thinking at this point I am going to write about all of upper battery in part 3 ๐Ÿ˜€

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