2014 Impulse Battery: Part 3


I know yesterday I’d said I was going to do all of the upper battery, but it’s taken me all day just to write about these guys 🙂

This guy tested my patience, and my other educator skills and my over-all good person disposition, throughout the season. He wasn’t a bad kid or anything; I did talk to him off the field a few times, about nothing in particular. He’s a decent kid. It seemed to me, more often than not, that if he was doing what everyone else in the snareline was doing, it was coincidental. Not a criticism, not a fact, just my opiniom. Like I said, he was an alright guy. On the field, I demand focus and intensity as great as mine, preferably yours is even better.

The next guy gets nothing but my admiration. Maxing your gig depends to a degree on the proficiency of the performers on either side of you. In that regard, this guy had a little extra challenge to deal with. Not a criticism of the other two guys, not a fact; just how I saw things. I didn’t talk with him much, but he seemed like a nice guy. I know he had a mini fan club. He’s a solid musician, and always has a good attitude; a smile is never very far from his face.

I remember the first time I tried talking to this guy. In 2013 there were two camps in May. The first camp was at the beginning of the month in Riverside. Sunday evening camp was over and he was the last one waiting for a ride. I sat there with him waiting and tried making some small talk. No conversation happened. I’ve talked with him here and there since then; he’s not a yapper, like me. He’s a solid citizen; has music skills. I would trust him with my keys.

The true essence of this next guy was seen by me before a rehearsal in 2013. I’m pretty sure he didn’t notice me notice him. He was in his car listening to I don’t know what and freestyle rapping on top of that. It was, he was intense and so in the moment. He’s become very well skilled in all areas of performance. His sense of style I uniquely his own. I definitely see him applying the lessons he’s learned while with Impulse throughout his life.

This is all you need to know about this guy. Several months ago a girl, at rehearsal, asked me how old he was. I told her he was a senior, and that he has a girlfriend. Oh, she said, sounding disappointed. I told this guy about the girl, and her question about him. Good to know, was all he had to say about that. He’s a very confident young man; a secure individual who provides his peers with solid leadereship. I’ve learned some subtle nuances in ways to be a gentleman from him.

This guy gives new meaning to quiet and low key. He is also the epitome of what a professional should be. Show up every day. Learn what you need to do; do it, do it well, do it consistently. This guy did that. Most people in the corps probably never learned his name but one of the reasons the corps achieved the excellence it did this season is because of this guy, and many others like him who just came in, came to rehearsal, and got it done.

Funny that I am a loss for words on rhis guy. Of all the people that have come and gone through Impulse the past 5 years, few others have I had as many conversations with, and conversations that have gone into such great depth. He’s demonstrated to me how important and how valuable this activity can be for a young person to have a place to feel supported and encouraged consistently by peers and adults who have your best interests in their hearts.

This guy is one of my all time favorites. I can say that about a lot of the members this year and in years past. I admire the he person he is and the way he goes about getting things done. He didn’t make the snareline in 2013, and took the opportunity to be in the pit instead. Working through that situation he tried out for the snareline this past season and made it. He has a quiet comfort about who he is and most definitely lives the golden rule.

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