2014 Impulse Hornline: Part 3


This guy is another member who I saw a little bit of myself in because of his general sensitivity and awareness of others. I’ve been fortunate to have had many conversations with him. His section wasn’t homogeneous, but they probably had the most complimentary personalities within their section, compared to the other hornline sections. Words are escaping me in describing him. Hopefully I’ve already shared with him any more important thoughts.

This girl was suddenly there one day. I don’t know if it is a conscious thought she has everyday or if it’s a function of her personality but she draws little attention to herself. In this activity, that’s not easy, especially visually. She’s consistently excellent in rehearsal and in performances. One day, when her ride wasn’t able pick her up, I was able to get her. She wasn’t that far from Marina and after picking her up, she wouldn’t shut up! Just kidding; I was the one talking her ear off.

There was a lot of quiet consistent excellence in this section and this next girl was another example of that. Of the 6 mellophones, 4 of them were girls. She led by example more so than with words, but when she did speak up, in her section, her words were well chosen and well placed. I think the section, and the other girls in particular, would have been solid, consistent performers, but I think her presence made them that much better overall.

We had two carloads of kids come from one school, the 710 gang one of the dads called them; she was one of them. Were it not for her eyes, she would very much be invisible visually also. Her eyes are in constant communication. We had the opportunity to chat on a few occasions and I always look forward to hearing her thoughts and perspectives. I don’t know if she has thoughts or ambitions for leadership positions, I would not only endorse her, I would say she will be very effective in that role, should she choose that role.

Every season Impulse attracts new members; rookies, we call them. Every season we get one, two, sometimes three rookies that to an outside observer, would never guess they were observing a rookie. Her individual discipline, focus, and intent to give nothing less than her best is how she operates 24/7. In drum corps, that’s the standard and expectation. Away from drum corps, she probably drives her family and friends crazy. One of the reasons the mellophones were the best section, in my opinion, in the hornline, was because of her.

In 2014, we lost our Horn Sargent of the last two years, who also happened to be the mellophone section leader. I had a conversation with the new mellophone section leader very early in the season, telling him he needed to step up in a big way; and he did. I spoke with him later in the season, after his section had established themselves as the best in the hornline, in my opinion. I praised his leadership and in particular, creating an environment for all in his section to develop and thrive in ways I don’t think they necessarily would have with the previous section leader.

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