2014 Impulse Hornline: Part 4

Trumpets, or my preference, Sopranos!!!!!

This guy was one of the vets. He’s come a long way as a performer. He never lacked effort, and I think early on, a couple of years ago, his focus issues were more a matter of cognitive readiness and not a lack of his desire to achieve. He has been consistent in attendance year after year, always working hard at rehearsal, always improving as a performer. Last fall his band director told me this kid has become an outstanding role model for his program. That’s what Impulse does.

This guy drove me nuts. He made such a positive impact in his section, when he was there; particularly on the field. If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, we’d all have a mighty fine Christmas. When all was said and done, he was a solid contributor to his section and to the hornline. He has a good personality; he worked hard and learned quickly when he was at rehearsal. I never talked with him about my belief that he could have been a more significant presence in the ensemble. If ifs and nuts…

During last Fall’s recruiting season, this vet did a tremendous job at our booth talking with potential new members. Her passion for Impulse would strike me as very surprising, if I did not know her personally. She’s got a strong non-traditional, free-spirit vibe. Her attitude and demeanor were perfect to help bring out the best from the rookie performers around her this season. If I had to pick an ambassador to represent Impulse nationally or locally, it would be her.

The sopranos had multiple hypes this season; one was black and yellow tutus. When they first wore them as a section, this girl looked too natural wearing hers. Turns out she’s had ballet classes in the past. She had some consistency issues also with her attendance, but she’s smart and worked hard to catch up when present. She has a performer presence that enhanced and blended very well with the performers around her. Towards the end of the season I believe another level of talent she possesses was beginning to emerge.

This guy was another person that has grown and improved as a performer year after year. We had a very large number of potential members come from his school and audition. I’m sure he’s one of the reasons why; he represents the organization very well, as do all members; just in varying degrees. He has been one of the best. When I think of Impulse, his face and smile are one of the first I see in my mind’s eye.

Youth and inexperience can sometimes serve an individual well when faced with enormous challenges. What this kid lacked in experience he compensated for with passion and enthusiasm. He worked hard and improved to the point that by the time the competitions started, he was vitually invisible; an individual who blended into the ensemble performance. He even found time one lunch break to tell the rookie baritone girl that she’s pretty.

Always good to see vet come back and decidedly make an effort to be more intense and more focused. More often than not, this guy was pushing himself hatder and more consistently in rehearsal than he has in the past. However, consistent attendance was an issue, although I never specifically or individually addressed it with him. Some things really don’t need to be said. A music or visual ensemble has never improved with people missing.

As mentioned before, some rookies, because of their strong presence and proficiency as a performer, look like one of the best vets. But, to be entirely accurate, this guy was a vet to drum corps, only a rookie to Impulse. His consistency, his intensity, his focus, and his accuracy are impressive. I believe he’s just as dedicated to executing consistent excellence even when nobody is watching.

All the intangibles of being an outstanding member of an organization have been mastered by this guy. He’s widely respected by his peers and those that work with him. I admire him for always handling himself with class and his own sense of style ever since I’ve known him. Anytime I’ve needed help or support with anything regarding Impulse, he’s been there ready to lend a hand. He’s been steadying presence in the hornline and in the corps. Honored and privileged to be a part of his experience with this organization.

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