2014 Impulse Drum Majors

Some of you might have thought I was forgetting these guys 🙂

We had a most unusual beginning to the season, regarding the drum major position. We actually had 5 candidates that were with us all the way through the audition process we were having with those seeking membership for the spots in the other sections of the corps. We auditioned the drum majors last. The candidates were solid and we actually narrowed it down to 3, knowing that in the past, issues have always come up, i. e. life. However, if we were actually able to have the luxury of three field conductors, that would allow us to explore a broader range of show design possibilities in terms of musician placement on the field.

We did end up losing one just a few weeks after we had chosen the three.

Of the two that remained, for some unknown reason, it took me quite awhile for me to form an opinion of this fellow. That he was part of that 710 gang that came in two carloads could have been one reason. I saw them as a single human mass the first few months. Whatever. We were very fortunate to have him as our main DM because he was the DM at his high school, the same high school as our center snare. That relationship, the DM and center snare, working together in order to establish and maintain music tempo(s) is crucial for an instrumental ensemble to attain high achievement. With this guy knowing and working with the center snare already for so many weeks/months prior to Impulse, and, combined with the overall talent of the musicianship within the ensemble, that enabled this DM to be one of the best, if not the best, field conductor Impulse has ever had. A bonus on top of that is he possesses a very amiable personality and he is an effective communicator. Those last two characteristics most certainly enhanced his efficacy as a conductor.

Our other DM was another member of the 710 gang. He made an impression on me early, visually because of his long hair. As a young person who grew his hair long, one of my prejudices and biases is to have a little higher favorable opinion of a long haired guy, unless he gives me reason not to. This fellow was also one of my barometer members that I used to help me stay in check with what was going on around me in a rehearsal situation. Also, he helped me monitor whatever electrical IMPULSES were bouncing around between my ears while we would be conversing. He, and the other DM, were consistently aware when we were gathered as a corps and made themselves available to assist me in getting lots of little things done, throughout each rehearsal and throughout the whole season. Seeing him all season long gave me a calmness and security, knowing he was there ready to support me in executing my duties, and he helped to push me through each day and make sure as many moments as possible were positive educational experiences for all members.

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