2014 Impulse Pit: Part 1

I’ve reached a vintage where I find myself instructing the children of those I shared many fields with. This guy is so much like his father in so many ways, all good. Consistently one of the first to rehearsal, checks if the equipment truck’s doors are unlocked. Starts unloading, no prompting. In a section that had more than its fair share of characters that were not in any way reserved in expressing themselves, he generally he kept his comments to himself. But, because he’s a sharp observer and has a sensible wit he would drop a clever remark every now and again. He was also another member I would reference to check the mood, flow, reality of a given moment. People, in general, that what most other people would refer to as quiet are very expressive non-verbally. Maybe he knows that about himself and often wore dark sunglasses.

The personalities in this section might have been overwhelming to this particular guy, or his reserved presence was more than likely his genuine nature. His temperament was very even; quite a welcome kind of person to deal with from my perspective. I think he had a good experience; I did make it a point to talk with him a few times and the conversation was always pleasant and he would smile a lot. He definitely improved as a musician and as a performer this summer and that was great to see.

This girl was always a great person to see each day. Always pleasant, always a positive attitude, even at times when I could tell she was making a genuine effort to put aside whatever may be bothering her. She very much approached each day, each moment with a focus on being there in that moment making the most of it. She’s another one who made tremendous improvement as musician and performer through the course of the season. As a person she has a social awareness that allowed her personality to fit into the crazy mix of personalities that filled her section.

This guy was most definitely one of the better musicians I’ve known. I’m sure there were times when he wasn’t in a good mood. I know I did observe a few moments here and there when he was completely lost in thought, expressionless and a million miles away, but for the most part I would find him with a huge smile on his face. If I had to pick one word to describe him I would say loquacious, and I completely mean that in the best possible way. No one ever has to wonder what’s on his mind, he’ll let you know. He also has an ability to filter out variables that matter not when the intent and focus is to give the best performance possible.

I think this guy is very close to being a musical genius. A very quirky, off the wall personality, and again I mean that in thee most positive and best way. Then he would shut that seemingly random energy off and be completely focused on his performance, almost possessed. He’s a very complex person. He can be extremely silly one moment and dead serious the next. He led an incredibly exceptional section. A very intelligent guy, he always had very smart, direct questions for me regarding schedules or logistics. He helped keep me on my toes in that regard, which I appreciated. Being the leader of such an eclectic section forced him to grow socially and emotionally, and he did with a degree of grace I commend him for.

If love could be a person, besides Jesus, its this girl. Another consistently positive, consistently prepared person in the ensemble. Always ready with a smile and a hello. She definitely impacted her section in the best possible way with her presence. She always worked hard, always did her best. I know one of my highlights from last season was seeing her everyday and I am sure many other members of the corps felt the same way.

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