Relationships: Part 1

From the Internet:

10 Fascinating Facts About Modern Relationships

by JENNY MULLINS (according to a 2014 survey done by MSNBC)

10 cold, hard truths about dating in modern times

1. 44% of the American population is single

That sounds about right. I don’t know the age range, I’m guessing it’s 18+. Under 18, my guess is singleness is probably closer to 75%, even counting those 4 week long relationships. The word single is a loaded word too. To most people, a majority 50%+, single is part of the phrase, “and ready to mingle.” I think maybe 25% of the 44% single population prefers that single status, and another 5%, at least, will have a lifetime status of single, regardless of their efforts or fate. STATISTICS SUCK! 🙂 Point is, there’s a lot of single out there. Be hopeful if you wish your status to change, but don’t sweat it. You’re not alone.

2. 40 million Americans use online dating services

Apparently most of that 44% are trying the online dating deal. Good for them. Seems like an efficient way to get to know someone better more quickly. You have to make some assumptions with the information potential dates/mates are providing you, but it’s a place to start if that’s your choice. In any event, best to have a plan if you choose to actually meet someone from online. I see no issue either with Google searching, or whatever, prior to that first date, and maybe even in the beginnings of relationships. Although I believe a healthy relationship will have some secrets, if that first search turns up top ten stories about a 6 year prison term for bank fraud,  that might be a red flag.

3. 53% of single people say that the smile is the most attractive feature

Lord how I know this is true 😀 Just like the eyes, a smile says a whole lot. How someone smiles, when they smile. How long they smile, and where do their eyes go when smiling. What’s up with those people that consistently cover their mouth when they smile and laugh?

4. It takes an average of one hour to make a first impression on a woman

That seems like a short amount of time, but, if that’s what women say, so be it. Maybe the starting age for this survey is higher than 18+. The operative word is average, so there you go. Some women take longer, some less. Fair enough!

5. For men, it only takes 15 minutes to make an impression on them

That seems entirely accurate. Guys don’t need a resume. Not saying that women do.. However,  later in the survey,  it’s suggested that women would prefer men give them some sort of thumbnail background sketch.

6. 63% of married couples say they met their spouse through a friend

In my own personal experience,  I can’t think of any examples of where this is not true. Makes a lot of sense and I would think in the future this number might actually shrink due to the proliferation of online dating services, and the specificity those services are becoming more and more. Christians, blacks, farmers (I kid you not), and Lord knows what other sites have what other specific groups targeted. The sky is the limit, I imagine.

7. A whopping 88% of women find money to be “very important” in a relationship

You’d think that number would be high for both groups. Could be related to past/present gender roles. Although there are examples of women having children and their men becoming house hubbies, those stories are few and far between. For the record,  I’d be more than okay being a home hubby taking care of the children, etc. It’s not going to happen, I’m saying I’m okay with the idea. Whatever is going to make s relationship work best,  or most best. Yes, most best, because most best is better than more better 😀

8. Speaking of cash, the number one argument among couples? Money, obviously

Don’t fight. Communicate expectations. Reminds me of a story about a man who, some years ago, won a lottery jackpot in the 100s of millions of dollars.  At the news conference when they presented him with the check, and he was asked what he would do with the money, he said “Simple. I’ve been married 42 years. I know EXACTLY what to do with this money.” He then promptly handed the check to his wife. Smart man!

9. In the Washington, D.C. area, 70% of the adults are unmarried

Too many single interns. Enough said. Of the 30% married, half will get divorced. Random unscientific stat I just threw out there.

10. Only 2% of men said they found relationships from going to bars

Intersting question. So many questions I have about this research and the results. But this was fun!

Heads up, lots more relationship posts coming soon 🙂 hence, the part one tag!

Enjoy Readers 😀

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