2015 Impulse: Open House

Drink water.  It’s a process. Contact Carol regarding fundraising.  Trevor was hoping to loose a little weight, 2nds and 3rds in the food line killed it. Ray didn’t fall (YAY!) Vee is functional on 2 hours sleep 😀 , as are most of us that have made it through the process…

Who was there: Vee, Arianna, Robert, Dean, Trevor, Zander, Rachel, Holly, Noah, Brian, Armando Leon, Elise ❤

Martha, Byron, Maribel, Ruben Jr and Sr, Larry, Barbara, Tom, Carol, Les, Diane ❤

Mike did a good job laying out the nuts and bolts for the new people.  Chris Rogers was articulate in explaining the benefits of participating in workshops,  I was a verbal scatter drill 😀 Give me the floor and I’ll take the walls,  ceiling, acoustic tiles, lights, dust bunnies… 😁

I really should have used notes. It always works better that way for me. But it was fine. The room was full, but it was a small room. I talked more to the grownups in the room than I ever remember,  although it wasn’t that much. Covered those universal themes: process, drink water, breathe, friends for life, Impulse is a good place for everyone, communicate, it matters – it doesn’t – it does – it doesn’t 🙂

Told the bus story of intentionally hitting Mike with my hanging potted plant because he was snoring 😁 Guess that was Iin the context of friends and stories that will last forever. The vets all, almost at the same time said, SPRINKLERS! I had to think for a moment. I have my own personal stories with sprinklers; there are even more Impulse stories with sprinklers. Then I had visions/flashbacks of snares running off a wet field into bales of barbed wire, and in another sprinkler story as kids are running of the field im yelling “watch out for the barbed wire!” There was none, I just liked watching them all stop and look down 😁

Sprinklers! Oh yeah. Idaho, I almost jumped off the scaffolding to personally address an issue Isaiah was having. Speaking of personal issue, I was dealing with my own at that time too. A little water,  not an issue, but a fun story 🙂

I was feeling guilt this morning when a former corpsmate of mine posted asking for feeback about whether or not to post pictures of a bus wreck from one of our tours. As bodies moved from the wreck and some took refuge on my bus I only had two thoughts: aisle dwellers, and if we couldn’t perform that night, because some people did have to go to the hospital,  I was going to be PISSED! No thought for their health, or that they just lost their bus. All about the show. Thankfully people who were on that bus commented to post away! No issues about seeing those pictures 🙂

Sprinkler stories are much nicer,  not so dangerous. Although I am sure the group we took on the road last season would have risen to a similar challenge…

but let’s not find out 😀

It was great to receive so many warm and sincere expressions of love yesterday ❤ Thank you!

Even got to hear that familiar refrain, gah O.o

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