2015 Impulse: Tour

Something I haven’t asked the vets, yet, is to compare the 2013 tour with the 2014 tour. At this point, I wonder how many vets I’ll be able to ask 🙂 All things considered, I thought the 2013 was a little more difficult, mental and physical demand, on the corps and the instructional and support staff. The biggest factor I think is that there was a lot of figure it out for so many people, that made the 2013 tour a bit more of a challenge than the 2014 tour.

DCI didn’t ask me but I liked the way the 2014 tour rolled right into the final two shows. Should the 2015 tour be similar, in relation to the tour schedule and the final two shows, the implications for that are clear regarding production and rehearsal schedule: the show must be done by or soon after Memorial Weekend Camp. Something that has been done the past two seasons; it is more than doable.

I’m sure there is some talk on the street about what the 2015 tour is going to look like. To repeat what was said Sunday,  nothing is official until February at the DCI meeting. Having said that, as it stands now after the RCC (Riverside) the corps will be getting on buses, traveling to NorCal then to a place rumored to be home for ducks and beavers. After that it will onwards to the land of huskies and cougars. The tour will end with stops in that famous potatoes place, the webcast location, and a stop in a beautiful central valley California town. In all, the season will have more than 12 show/performance opportunities.

Let’s combine two topics, tour and open house. I said, and I’ve said before and will say again in  the future, Impulse belongs to the members. Impulse IS the members. It happened last year, but it needs to happen sooner this year. Ownership. The members need to take ownership of the product on the field sooner. It’s your show, it’s your drumcorps. Much more on that later.

Logistics. Tour is going to be close to adding another 1000 miles of travel to what was experienced last summer, plus more shows. Physical and mental stamina will be stretched to the limits of human reason, and then get pushed beyond that 😀

You’re welcome 😀

We have Open House, the Remix coming up in a couple of weeks.  I will definitely have notes for that and there is going to be vizh time which will motivate me to speak in a much more sharp and focused manner. Unless there is an absolute down pour, anticipate an extensive period of  movement. If you plan on being there and participating,  please be ready. The last couple of years when I’ve had chats with vets only, one of those chats involves has involved “that guy.” Don’t be “that guy.”

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