2015 Impulse: Mellophones

Impulse has been unbelievably fortunate throughout its history in attracting some of the best young musicians who decide to join the organization and by doing so they also become part of an amazing legacy of performers in an activity called drum corps.

I chose to write about the mellophone section for a reason I will get into later. Last season the mellophones were an exceptional section in their performance execution, in part due to their consistency in rehearsal attendance, but also, I believe to a natural chemistry that developed between the members of the section.

All the sections developed a great chemistry as the season progressed, and the hornline as a whole was one of the best ever in the history of the corps because of the overall chemistry and because each member of the hornline gave the dedication and applied a work ethic into rehearsals that produced performances that were highly entertaining and well executed. The mellophones led the way into making that happen.

In 2011 Impulse marched 6 mellos, 2 guys and 4 girls.

 Sound familiar?  😀

(Just a footnote, the sopranos were the best section in the hornline that year, with the mellos close behind 🙂 )

One of those girls who was a mellophone has been attending Syracuse University the past two years. She’s been doing very well academically and has been participating in the marching band, other campus organizations, she has studied abroad, and has overall been very involved in all manner of college social life and has been maxing out her educational opportunities.

2011 was her one and only year marching drum corps. Until this coming season 😀 Maybe…

She posted something a couple of months ago about maybe taking the time to do drum corps one more summer. I believe the coming 2015 season is her age-out year. My only comment to that post was “IMPULSE” 😁

We’ve communicated off and on the past couple of years, mostly about college and life and things of that nature, very little about Impulse or drum corps. I know as a performer and as a staff member many people are only able to, or choose to do drum corps for one year. Time, money, and logistics are three major factors in doing anything in life. Seeing, hearing that she has a possible interest in coming back and doing drum corps one more time would be incredibly awesome 😀 and not completely unprecedented.

Another girl from that 2011 mellophone line started at Northern Arizona University the following year. She kept in contact and we emailed her music and drill until she was able to come out after her school let out in early May. She learned all her music and at the time  before the Memorial Weekend Camp, the corps had only learned the opener drill. The week before that camp we met on a field and I helped her learn her opener drill. Since she marched consecutive seasons she knew and kept contact with the other vets in her section so the transition back was relatively seamless.

If and when that time comes that it looks like the Prodigal Daughter will return for sure 🙂 I’ll ask her if she would like to hear from her future section mates. I imagine she would 😁 I think that’s a good thing to know, if you’re a member and then go off to college but then decide you’re able to come back and do Impulse at least one more time. We can make that happen! ❤

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