Relationships Part 3: Crushes ❤

Aren’t they the best?  Crushes 😜

Or, are they the worst.  They’re probably both, depending.

How long have you had a crush on a particular person. How often do you actually see them (and not just on a screen, actually see them in person. Crazy internet creeping is a topic I’m not sure if and or when I’ll ever post about) What kind of relationship do you actually have with your crush, if any. What awareness does your crush have about you and how you feel about them, and what has he or she communicated to you about that, if anything.

I’ve had crushes off and on ever since I can remember. There was a cashier at the local grocery store when I was growing up, oh my goodness! Very adorable in many ways, and always pleasant and friendly. I think I was around 5 years old when my crush on her began. I know my eyes barely reached the level where I was able to see over the counter 🙂 She was still working there when I was attending college, she must have been in her late teens when she started working there. I’m guessing she was about in her mid-thirties when I confessed to her one afternoon. It was a slow day in the store, no line. I didn’t make a big deal about it. By then my crush on her was a faded memory and I told her about it matter of factly, but with a joy as it was and still is a favored childhood memory. She just graciously smiled and thanked me and told me she thought that was sweet of me to share that with her 😀

My latest crush does or doesn’t know that I crush her now. She’s much too busy to even care anyway 😜 Off the top of my head, I would guess she has a couple of dozen guys that have a crush on her right now. Given a little more thought,  that number is probably closer to between 50 and 100 guys and girls crushing her. A crush exists on spectrum, like most anything. Some guys, I am sure, crush her a lot, others, she’s on their top ten list 😀

I don’t think, or at least I can’t recall, ever crushing more than one girl at a time. Probably my attention deficit wouldn’t allow that 😀

My current crush I’ve been smitten with her since we met oh so many years ago 🙂 and like I mentioned before, at times I was diddly-eyed smitten with her and at other times not so much 😀 Some of that was a function of how much I saw her. Although a couple of stretches of time when I saw her frequently my crush on her was at it lowest points,  but that was entirely on me, nothing she was or wasn’t doing that was out of the ordinary.

What kind of relationship have we had? We’ve been friends since we met. Her decision completely 😀 We were friends before I knew it 😁 She has actually been a better friend to me than I have been to her, again, that is all me. The crush got to be too much a couple of times and it was just too painful for me to even text with her.

We talked about it early on, and I am so glad she was more mature and thoughtful in knowing that friendship was the much better way for our relationship to be.

As I think of her now, I appreciate that she inspires me to be more thoughtful, in general (imagine that! 🙂 ) and to be more creative. Also because of her intelligence and the way she communicates I find myself seeking more knowledge to better comprehend what she says or sometimes to even put her thoughts into something understandable to me because she’ll speak beyond my fund of knowledge 😀

I haven’t talked with her about my blog in a long time and when I did, she said she doesn’t read it 😜 That may or may not still be the case. Either way I will probably never know if she’s read this. We haven’t seen each other in quite awhile now and much too much to talk about when we do see each other again. All this blatter matters not 😁

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