Relationships Part 4: Guys, when you’re in love with a lesbian…

I’ve known of this woman almost as long as I’ve known the mutual friend we have. She and my friend have been friends at least since their college days together, 20 years, more or less, give or take a couple of years here or there. They are dear friends and when my friend has spoken of her, there is a fondness and a softness in the tone of her voice and a tenderness in her eyes. There is a love there for this friend that is special beyond words 🙂

So this woman that I have known of now for so many years, in the last week or so, friended me and now I’ve been seeing and reading her posts. It’s been amazing, enlightening,  educational,  inspiring,  enchanting,  and thought provoking…

to say the least 😀

She is a most accomplished person who leads and collaborates with others in creating art and music and gives young people the opportunities to do the same. It is her life and her passion which in turn breathes life and ignites passion in others and lifts souls and spirits. She is a light, she is a fire, she is a force that impacts the world in such a meaningful and purposeful way.

That was my feeble attempt to describe someone I have barely begun to know, and I look at her and see and listen to how she communicates, and it speaks to my heart 😀

There is also a lightness, a humbleness, a down to earth accessibleness that makes it easy for me to see how young people can and do learn so much through her guidance and mentorship.

Fortunately and or unfortunately the bulk of her time is spent in the beautiful city to the south of LA, where she lives and works. She does, however, get the chance to venture into general LA area from time to time, which gives me some hope that at some point I’ll be able to actually meet her 😁

Yesterday I thought of sending her a PM about something she posted which was something I was literally thinking about at the same time as I saw her post. It will happen from time to time, I’m sure. When you see the world from a particular perspective and you view yourself in manner such and combine that with a certain world context and communicate that with similar style to a like minded person,  common ideas will cross paths.

I’m thankful that she took the initiative to friend me. Later, after I get some rest I’ll put some intelligent thoughts together and send her a PM 🙂

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