2015 Impulse: Open House, the Remix

I posted something the other day that was kind of a lie. It wasn’t,  but it was 🙂 No one reading this has ever done that before, right?! 😁

I wasn’t mad or sad or anything, really. I was thinking about the Open House, that part was true ❤ That reminds me of another “lie” but not a lie. It was after the 2011 season, a success on many measures, but a fractious staff, at best :-/

I took and will always take the responsibility for that. I was staff coordinator. It was numbers issue. Of course it was more than that, but t started there. It was almost a 3 to 1 ratio, member to staff. Ideally, that ratio should be in the 10 to 1 area.

Passion. Love that word. Hate that word.

Focus, Ray 😀

When there is a single focus for a group, the fewer decision makers the better. Not always, but often. That’s why dictatorships work so well 😁 , not really, but yeah.

Passion. 2011, a talented smart staff, and everyone had a little different idea about how to get from point A to point B, which can be cool, but yeah, not in this case. Not enough planning and prep time to pull that off.

I don’t remember who started the discussion at the end of that season,  but early on I jumped in. It began with a collective agreement “well that could have been better” but details about how to make that happen quickly got lost as people turned to speaking through their passion, which is cool, but not.

Being contrary as I am want to do from time to time, I put forth the idea that I am completely void of passion and any emotion regarding Impulse. My only interest is (1) seeing that stuff gets done, (2) stuff gets done right, and (3) the focus should be a positive musical performing educational experience for the members. That is the starting point and I don’t care about anyone’s passion. I think my words at that point were something like “I don’t care if you’re a cold dead fish” if the starting point of any discussion doesn’t begin with those three points in mind, I’m out.

Open House 2015 😀

Fire. I posted what I posted the other day looking to start a fire.

What do you need to start a fire? A PYRO! Yeah, no 🙂 You need air (oxygen), fuel, a spark. Who am I in that sequence? More important, who are you? I have an answer to both those questions. I am not saying I have the RIGHT answers,  I have answers. Remember to never be afraid to think and question, and answer too! 😀 Answer even if you don’t know the question or have an answer!


EGGPLANT will always be, as it happened in a particular time and place, but, gotta keep things fresh. Actually, CUCUMBER, is a 2008 reference, but COMPLETELY DIFFERENT context.

Storytime, Ray? Maybe tomorrow.  MAYBE, but not now. Those of you that know already, enjoy that smile a little longer 😁

I’ll close with this thought: Be wary in the produce section. A weapon is never a vegetable, but a vegetable could be a weapon!

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