Relationships Part 5: Being Single, but, working on it…Maybe :)

Biology states it’s a requirement, well, procreation that is – to continue the species. That sounds so scientific! Besides, hopefully,  most people aren’t thinkjng about bumping uglies when you first start talking with someone.

Being in the midst of holiday times, it reminds me of something I saw a few weeks ago. There’s this guy that’s been locked up for almost 40 years, horrible multiple murder crime. Well, he recently got married. You know an event is huge now if it gets a meme, which this did. Puts even more pressure on single people this time of year.

Singleness is not the social crime it once was not to long ago. Still, for some reason there is more pressure on women to be in a relationship,  more so than men. Think about it. The only time you ever hear a woman referred to as a bachelorette is in a party in relation to her pending marriage. My spell check didn’t even recognize the word bachelorette!

My crush has been seeing a guy for a few month now. She met him in the summertime.  Handsome guy 😀 She and I have talked about our singleness off and on over the years and she seemed set on staying that way, but things change. I’m genuinely happy she seeing someone now, although…I haven’t talked to her in a long time, and don’t want to really know any details one way or the other. Time will answer any thoughts I have about her.

Time answers all questions 😀

Adolescents still have to deal with the social pressure of their relationship status. I think most young people get a short pass while going through college and the beginning of adult life, but singleness seems to weigh heavy on the minds of some of my  single female friends in their late 20s-early 30s. Biology being a driving factor. Makes sense, fresher eggs increases the chance for healthier babies.

Speaking of babies, the world is overpopulated people! Adopt if you must have children 🙂 No, I get it. If you must procreate, bless you; have at it 😀

As for me, single and mingle work for me in rhyme only. I love to meet new people, women in particular,  but at best I’m a “that’s my friend, Ray!” guy. I posted a video titled “Never say never” so I won’t,  but for the foreseeable future I have to say single works very well for me.

Speaking of working for me…the gift of gab is something I’ve always had. When it comes to chatting with women, there’s a fine line between flirting and just being extra nice. I will not concern myself with how others regard a good chat 😀

Final thoughts. If you’re single but working on it, two words: communicate and compromise. I’m lying. A third word: positive. I know stuff can’t always be happy and cheerful, but at least try 🙂 and just know that sometimes your partner needs to vent about something. Listen attentively, don’t try to fix anything or offer a different perspective,  just listen.

Sigh 😀

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