Relationships Part 6: Getting Naked

Not a euphemism for sex. I am talking about not wearing clothes. Not as a rule. This is maybe one of the few times I am writing directly to the title to start 🙂 It was a Buzzfeed video that partially inspired this post. I think I may have already referenced this idea,

but relationships,  the term, is not exclusive to romantic types of relationships. If you think about it, most of our relationships are with people we will never have sex with, and THANK GOODNESS for that!  😀

But, we will be getting naked in front of some of them. Even complete strangers will see the goods that some of our most loved ones will never see. Gym class in junior high/middle school is where a lot of these issues first come up, were dealt with, and we all moved on. Now, not so much. For whatever reasons kids can now go through years of junior high and high school gym classes and never shower.


So the Buzzfeed video is about guys, friends, straight, getting naked in front of each other for the first time. Let me be more accurate, and this is where the awkwardness was partially induced. The guy friends are not in a locker room getting naked. They were put in separate rooms, disrobed, donned a white terrycloth robe and are now standing in front of a camera being interviewed before dropping the robes.

Context is EVERYTHING!!!

I remember the summer before junior high I was stressed that puberty had not yet delivered to me the patch below my belt to indicate that I was in the man-club 😀 Silly now to think that was a concern of mine, that others would judge me on hair that were they to discuss it in any way, others would be like, dude, why you looking down there. (For the record, the area of future manscaping came in a few weeks before the start of 7th grade 😀 )

I’ve been speaking from a guys’ perspective. Making a HUGE assumption that the majority of women don’t have as much of a problem undressing in front of other women, especially their friends. Another assumption is that since females are bombarded with information about their bodies on a level far beyond anything men can come close to comprehending, females are more comfortable sharing that information especially with their friends,  and sometimes that means visuslly also. Of course I understand that is a generality. I do know some females that if they have to community shower,  the bathing suit is coming with them.

I was going to tell a story of BITD when myself and over 200 guys, most of whom I didn’t know, had to share only about a dozen showerheads in a VERY limited amount of time. Squirting soap in the air and dancing the twist turned into a more efficient way of washing than using your own hands since bodies were packed in too tight to make your hands useful. Good times! 😁

Getting naked in front of someone you care for, love in a romantic way. Don’t. Just don’t. Don’t ruin the magic. So many ways to be intimate without the naked. Nothing more naked than emotional intimacy anyways. Speaking of,  probably not all women, but many women consider emotional intimacy much more intimate than sexual intercourse. Just saying.

Heads up if you’re a first time reader and enjoyed this post, and or you’re wondering when the next post will be. I will be posting again later today. Hopefully by 7PM California, USA time.

Enjoy your day. Hope to see you again soon 🙂

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