Relationships Part 7: Communication

It just occurred to me. On the right hand side of my blog where my most recent  posts are listed, the sub-title “Getting Naked” is probably misleading some people. That is an example of me miscommunicating. Not the first time and not the last.

If you are fond of my wit, perspective, and writing style, you’ll be pleased that “Getting Naked” is really not quite what that sub-title implies 🙂

Communication is not a phone call, an email, a text message, or a voice mail that is unresponded to. Communication is a two way, interactive type of exchange between two sources, usually people 😀

Having said that, sometimes, even when we use the simplest and most direct terms, we  can still miscommunicate. I was making plans with a friend to meet for lunch and when we met, things turned awkward QUICK!

That things turned awkward quick is not unusual for me, it’s usually a funny awkward anyway 😀

We were meeting for lunch. Who eats ice cream for lunch?! (Unless you’re under 12, and even then, YOU CANT EAT ICE CREAM FOR LUNCH EVEN IF YOU WANTED TO)

I get to the restaurant early, a typical thing if I’m meeting someone,  and get a booth. While waiting I look at the food, food part of the menu. My friend arrives, we chat briefly, she looks at the ice cream side of the menu, decides quickly and asks me what I’m getting. FOOD I tell her. It’s lunch!

Apparently,  between the time we talked earlier in the day and the time we met, she got food food and now she was ready for ice cream. Now peer pressure comes into play. I thought both of us had enough life experience that we could still enjoy each other’s company,  her with her ice cream, me with my food. NOPE!

(In case you didn’t already know, peer pressure INCREASES the older you get! 😦  )

She wants me to MAN UP and order ice cream for lunch! So I manned up and ate ice cream for lunch. She seemed excessively pleased with herself for influencing my decision.

Another time another friend was going to be moving. She’d been living about 15 miles from me as long as I’d know her, but about half that time her main job was across town, and depending on traffic her commute could be a soul draining exercise.

When she’d decided on where she was going to move, the first thing I did was to look it up and figure out how I was going to get there. It was only about 10 more miles, but I’d have to travel through LA to get to her new place. Depending on traffic, the journey might be epic.

When I shared that exact thought with her, using those exact words, WRONG!

“Does that mean you’re not going to come and see me?!”

No, but ironically,  I’ve only seen her one time at her new place. Completely my fault for that, which those of you that know me is not a surppise.

Communication,  sharing of thoughts and ideas. I’m one of the best!…

and, I’m one of the worst ❤

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