Don’t Assume: Nothing is ever as it Appears

Good or bad

Right or wrong

I am the Easter Bunny. Well, I was the Easter Bunny. It wasn’t my full time gig. I was a sub for the day. Like the people at the mall who dress up like Santa. I didn’t dress up like the Easter Bunny; that would be ridiculous. Not to take anything away from E.B., but the cotton-tail gig is a little easier than subbing for the Big Guy in the Sleigh. The main function of being E.B. is having a basket full of candy and a substantial amount of chocolate in that basket too. Stuff in the shape of an egg, bonus.

Just an aside CHOCOLATE IS CANDY. Some will argue otherwise. They are wrong. Another aside, there is an awful lot of egg imagery associated with Easter, AND NOT A SINGLE CHICKEN!!!

My favorite memory of that particular day, that day where I subbed for E.B., is that the “kids” I was present for were in their late teens and early 20s. A thought I’m having right now is that in their future, those individual kids that were there, that they take the opportunity to be E.B. for a day too 😀

Who is the Easter Bunny? It could be argued that E.B. is the modern day version of how we celebrate the vernal equinox. Maybe E.B. is the way grownups make the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection more consumable for children. (Jesus was hung on a cross, died, laid in a tomb, and came back to life. Now go find the eggs hidden in dirt and bushes, and don’t get your new clothes dirty.)

Maybe the Easter Bunny is how we can show one another LOVE


Love? What is this, love.

Honestly,  I don’t know what love is, but I like the idea that the Easter Bunny is love 🙂 I think most people would agree, however,  that love is an emotion that causes or compels us to feel and sometimes demonstrate care and concern for each other.


Why did I play E.B. for a day? Wait. What’s the title of this post? If I tell you why I was the Easter Bunny, that may or may not be true. If I don’t tell you why, you can infer on your own why, which may or may not be an accurate inference.

Well, now what? Good question 🙂 It’s taken me quite awhile to be able to answer this question honestly and consistently,  even though I’ve known the answer for over 30 years. All you know, think, and feel is all you know, think, and feel right now at this moment. Next moment you can be COMPLETELY WRONG about what you know, which then can devastate what or how you think and feel. Chances are, that won’t happen, but it could.

Love, we hope, I hope, you hope, would be a stabilizing and consistent force. That seems like an invitation for pure folly 🙂

Those of you that know me, know me as an optimistic person. Maybe more so than a realist, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think contrary to what I say or do 😀

Mind blown

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