Inspiration comes from…

As an artist, yes, I said artist,  inspiration is the electricity for my creative light.

Everyone gets inspired, needs inspiration, well, anyone who’s alive.

Alive is a relative term,  like any word. Passion, spirit, soul, love that propels and sustains…

A couple of things I wrote not too long ago apply to my current thoughts. Those that wake up everyday and get through what they have to get through so they can get back to the people they love, are deserving of the most respect and admiration. They are my heros; heros to me, at least. Also, the Holy Spirit or other inspiration is really not required to get stuff done, like, cleaning the bathroom or doing laundry.

I know, you know people who for them to clean their restroom or do their laundry, they need some kind of inspiration. My word to them would simply be, do it for the millions that wish they had a restroom to clean, or the millions who only have one change of clothes, if that, and if they don’t wash everyday they have nothing clean to wear the next day.

That kind of thought is beyond many through no fault of their own. I have quite an imagination and even for me those thoughts are hard for me to wrap my head around, and even when I do it’s mostly an intellectual exercise…Speaking of…

A friend posted a video that was only a couple of minutes long, but I couldn’t watch more than 10 seconds of it. Without getting into a lot of detail, and go against my writing style 😀 , the video was somewhere in a 3rd world setting, not in the USA (Well, now I’M making an assumption.  It didn’t look like the U.S., but it could have been.) Poverty, poverty almost beyond description.  A child was acting out against a couple of adults (his parents?) I couldn’t watch the video beyond a few seconds because the context overwhelmed my emotions. Those that were able to watch the whole video were provoked to respond to what they saw. That reminds me of a line Sting wrote…

Damn Ray

“Too many cameras, and not enough food” -Driven to Tears

Where did we start? INSPIRATION 😀

I have two new friends, a musician and a painter. Artists 🙂 I’ve not given it much thought until recently but a great majority of my friends are Artists, and by calling them artists, I mean the money they make (or not) is dependent on them selling their art. Tough way to go through this world, but they are definitely following a path that is beyond words and really gives their world, our world, your world a richness that it would not only lack otherwise, but a vacuum would exist in its place.

Life, is ultimately reciprocal. Artists find, receive inspiration and they create. Others see, feel, hear this art and they in turn are inspired which hopefully causes them to add to the lifting up of humanity 😀

Feeling shamelessly romantic and idealistic


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