Impulse: “FIRE!!!”

I thought I asked a simple question. The corps I marched with, Anaheim Velvet Knights, has a FB page, and I wondered how many times people have experienced their bus being on fire. Since I have my own experiences, and I’d seen several other posts of similar events, I was curious as what a total number of bus fires might be. These are SOME of the responses to the question about how many times has your bus been on fire:

– too many

– which year

– yes

– all buses or just mine in a season

– outside or inside? like even when it was only the bathroom

– smoking related fires?

– moving or not moving? an electrical fire in the parking lot?

– fires caused by the bus crashing into something?

– is this a trick question?

– fires caused by friction under blankets, hahaha

– engine fires or fires caused by other mechanical problems?

– when the bus AND the truck caught fire?

– fires that were put out right away or fires that needed professionals to put out

– are you trying to crash the internet?

These responses make me laugh and make me cry. One of my motivations to work with a drumcorps now is I don’t want kids now in the activity to have these kinds of experiences. Most of these past events were due to a lack of health and safety regulations and laws. A few of these previous situations of passenger buses catching fire were plain and simple human error.

Probabilities: guessing what will happen next given a certain set of variables, in time.

If you put a bunch of kids on a bus, stuff is going to happen, most of it is good. When that bus has to get from point A to point B, time and distance become factors in more stuff happening, and most of it will be good and some, not so much.

Good kids are resilient and focused. They will get through what they need to in order to achieve whatever it is they are setting out to achieve. Adults (smart ones) will plan and prepare to help kids achieve goals and objectives, understanding that variables exist, variables that are both known and unknown, that may or may not, come into play in the pursuit of those goals and objectives.

Always the bottom line: keep kids safe, rested, and fed.


I will never say I have experienced the worst or that I have seen it all. I do make it a point, on my own time, to figure out the “what ifs”, in the most ridiculous of the ridiculous situations,  because ANYTHING is possible at anytime, and when you least expect it, that is probably when it’s going to happen. No use fretting, cussing, or getting upset. Stay calm, put your grownup pants on and deal with it.

Wisdom is finding and taking the value in each moment and owning it. Wisdom is not saying anything is good or bad, things just are. Wisdom is understanding context. Wisdom is respecting perspective and probability.

Wisdom is remembering there are no simple questions and there are definately NO simple answers 😀

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