I don’t remember the context, but I had the thought the other day that I’ve never been to a party with more than one dancing man who wasn’t wearing clothes. That one party with the man that was dancing without any clothes on was me, as in I was dancing, in my birthday suit. Again, not sure what caused that thought to cross my mind, that my life experience has the absence of being in attendance at a party with dancing naked men.

That thought was sitting in my mind’s dugout during a recent Christmas family gathering while I was sitting with some cousins enjoying the food offerings. One of my cousins had just completely stuffed his mouth when another cousin asked him a question. Looking over at him to see how he was going to handle the situation, I noticed he used his tongue to push the food in his mouth to either side, stuffing his cheeks.

As I am want to do from time to time, I thought this moment calls for an inappropriate comment from me! Of course! 😀

Before my cousin could respond to the question my other cousin had just asked him, I said, “Wow, I haven’t seen a mouth that full since I was at a party full of naked dancing men!” 😀

Out of the dugout. At the plate. Swing. BOOM! Outta da park!!!

I love my cousins. They turned, looked at me, not much change in their expression,  hardly even a sigh. Looked away from me and continued the conversation. Their lack of response in no way diminished my self pleasure 🙂

I must say, as I’ve increased my vintage, I find my social filters operating more efficiently. Had it not been my cousins there, or some other close, close friends when that thought came to me, I would have kept it to myelf, and enjoyed it as much or even more.

Since I mentioned it earlier, and some of you may be wondering,  that party with me dancing in my borthday suit was a LONG, LONG time ago. High school. Most people didn’t notice. I didn’t do it for attention.  It seemed like a good idea to me, at the time. My friends thought otherwise. Good friends 😀

I’ve only been to two parties where naked women were also in attendance. They didn’t get there that way, they were strippers. The first party was a birthday party with guys AND their girlfriends. It was at a restaurant. That was a  little odd, guys bringing girlfriends, but, whatever. It was one of the girls that organized the party. When the strippers started almost all the guys and some of the girls went to watch. The girlfriends were WAY prettier than the strippers, and with most of the boyfriends not paying attention to their dates I thought that was the perfect time to make some conversation with the pretty ladies 😀

The second party I went to with strppers was a bachelor party. This was a little dangerous. All manner of debauchery was occurring in a whole spectrum of degrees and variations. It was a nice house, not anyone I knew or cared about, but I kept walking around, checking on those I knew that were there, just in case someone needed to go to the E.R. or for me to call 911. As it was, at the end of the night I played taxi driver for several friends.

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