2015 Impulse: January 11th

Staff Meeting and Harbor House πŸ˜€ (Kim, waitress, was there, but I didn’t say anything to her. It was REALLY busy!)

My two favorite ways to start a Sunday, great food and outstanding companions πŸ™‚

Show concepts: Sleepy Beauty? Maleficent? Mosh Up? Something different? Milton has an idea for a dragon.

Had a chance to talk a little more with Josh individually, during and after breakfast. The more I talk with him, the more I learn and like.

Ruben, AKA Milton HotCakes, drove us to HH and then to Marina HS.

First people we see after he parked were Serica, Vee, and Ari. Ruben and Maribel were unloading their vehicle. They are making meatball sandwiches for lunch for the smart people that want to buy lunch (entrΓ©e, side, drink, and dessert and for $5, can’t beat that with a stick!) Milton gives Vee some hot cakes he brought for her from HH; Serica and Ari say hi.

They help me get to the band room and I set myself up near the door. Gloria came over to me say hi and show off her pink hair. Ai TOTALLY surprised me just being there. She came over and said hi, also, and I was going to ask her to see me before she left later at the end, but I never got around to asking her 😦

Elise was there with her lovely mother, Diane. We talked some about this that and the other πŸ™‚ It was great but it also made me sad because I don’t know if or when that will happen again.

In the brief rap the kids got before heading out Mike introduced me. It was a tepid response from the crowd and I yelled, COME ON! The applause got louder πŸ˜€ I didn’t clarify at the time, it wasn’t about me. It was about their energy. To start a day half assed is no way to start a day. If a farm animal had walked into the room or had been introduced, I would expect them to stand and cheer like their favorite team just won a championship! πŸ˜€

I didn’t talk much with the vets in the morning before we started, during the vizh block, or at any point in the day. It’s early in the season, plenty enough time to talk later. It was part of the plan, to talk only with the vets, but they came back early after I sent them away so I could talk to newbies alone first. The vets seemed anxious to get moving when they came back, so we got moving.

I wanted to see them think and move as an ensemble, no detailing of technique. I need to know they know what to do before I tell them. THAT JUST BLEW MY MIND, RAY! It shouldn’t. It’s drumcorps, they will move and play and do both VERY WELL. There is a fundamental approach they need to possess to accomplish any task given and to accomplish that task to the highest degree possible. We don’t train monkeys, we teach the fundamentals of excellence in the performing arts.

More than several interesting moments happened during the block. One was an opportunity for them to assert their leadership, their creativity-initiative, and control over the moment. I pointed it out to them; culture, I need to hear someone tell the definition of that word next time we gather. Also, who ever read the last post and didn’t remind me about the joke telling task, shame on you! πŸ˜€

Lunch was grand. Tom carried my plate into the bandroom and I ate with the adults. Gloria told me before but reminded me at lunch she had to leave early, and she did. I saw later on FB that Afton went around and took pix of the various social pods throughout our area of the school. I had a great chat with Robert Mac Tavish and the Babas. Zach came and went during his break time from Pulse.

Saw Randy, new guard person, Jonathan, new front ensemble person, and Rob, percussion CH, but didn’t talk to any of them. No reason that I didn’t talk to any of them; just didn’t come in the flow of the moment. Jeff was there and we talked briefly.

I listened to the battery briefly, watched and listened to the brass briefly, and the same with colorguard and the front ensemble. I really liked and enjoyed the overall vibe and experience this particular day. I am hoping and expecting what happened today will continue to grow and develop. So much new. So much more for all of us to learn and get to know and combine our individual excellence into a single dominanting presence πŸ˜€

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