I Love Men!!!

There. I said it. Why wouldn’t I? Why shouldn’t I? Don’t you love men?

Reminds me of the time I went to help a friend who was working with a high school marching band. I commented to the director, when I was introduced to him, that he’s a handsome man. Later he asked my friend, is Ray gay?

Hardly. Among people that know me well, I have quite the opposite reputation. Love me the women 😀 So much so, well, a gentleman never speaks too much about his past.

The picture of the shirtless men I posted on FB was a small gesture on my part for my female and male gay friends on Facebook. Assuming most of my friends see much the same as I do when we scroll our news feed (personal updates, animal pix/vids, food photos, philosophical/funny memes, etc.) I figured some beefcake would be a welcomed momentary distraction.

I was considering posting another shirtless guy yesterday when I instead considered posting a provocative picture of a woman to assert visually that I like women. Didn’t happen. Partly because I was messaging with another friend, and partly because provocative images of women are EVERYWHERE. That was another reason I posted the shirtless guy pix. Trying to get a little balance out there 🙂

So, man love. I am all for it. Man love, women love, people love. It’s all good.

Love, the term, is a lot like sex, the term. Often used, often misused, miscommunicated, and misunderstood because those terms are often used without adequate context.

And I’ll confess. I am prone to occasional acts of provocation.  Posted pix of hot guys looking for a reaction, just like the title to this post. I’m sure some readers begin reading with a certain expectation.

I haven’t brought this up for awhile,  but it’s been a LONG TIME since someone sent me, messaged me, or otherwise requested a topic for me to write about. I hope, among other ideas, that this blog be a little more interactive over time 😀

Send ideas! Please 🙂

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