2015 Impulse: Workshop #2 Jan 25th

Headed to pick up Karen with Tom and Mil. Took a little detour following Milton’s directions. If you play with HotCakes, you’re going to get some syrup on you 🙂 After picking up Karen, we headed to Marina. We were early so just before getting there, Tom treated us to Subway (Eat fresh,  advertising works!)

I get to the music building, but I have to pee. There’s a line to sign in going from the band room and out the door into the hallway. (I am going to start a quiet campaign to get the tables moved from the entrance to the side where the director’s office is.)


I peek into the band room,  have a brief word with Rachel and Noah,  and proceed to the john. Coming back into the band room I stop and scope the room with a possible thought of sitting amongst the masses. Byron Baba sees me and moves across the front of the room towards the piano, my typical seating area. BB and I exchange morning pleasantries when Vi approaches. First I ask how’s she doing, she was death sick, she’s better. Cool, can she lead the morning stretch? Yes, she can.


It never hurts to define, redefine,  repeat, information. Never want the morning stretch to go beyond 30 minutes, particularly when the block is only 2 hours long. I left  them, workshop attendees, under the trees in the front lot and headed to the field in the back of the school with HotCakes at 10:15. Saw them all again around 11:15!

It’s all good. They were well stretched and focused. Guard, Vi did a great job prepping them to be active.

Second Mistake

I typically do most of what I can by myself, to a fault. Now, when I put my best foot forward, THATS ALL YOU’RE GOING TO GET!!! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! 😀


I need to train a couple of vets how to paint a field. Maybe 4, maybe 1 vet and 3 rookies. idk yet, I’ll figure it out.

We got right to it, when the masses got there. I had them run a few times between reps of exercises. I never want them to confuse activity for achievement, but I definately felt like we did get both done. I dismissed the battery a couple of minutes early so I could speak to the brass briefly before lunch. Just as I was starting, LESLIE YAWNED!!! WTH!!! Felt like I was standing there with a handful of broken pencils 😦

I swear they moved that field further away than it was last season. Finally made it back to the lunch kickback area, Ruben and Maribel made me a plate and Tom and Hotcakes helped me get seated. Ate with the guard, plus Holly and Vy, asian girl trying out for cymbals.

When everyone went off into sectionals, I went into the band room to listen to show concept music. The meeting Friday night with all four captions giving input produced a lot of great ideas. We also talked some show theme and show name ideas. With an hour of sectional time left I headed out to watch and listen.

Love the sound the horns are getting already. Guard was very active, as was pit; getting stuff done. Battery was in the boondocks but sounded solid. When we gathered them all one last time before sending them home, they all looked a little more worn out than at this point in the past…

or maybe it was just me! 🙂

Staff had a brief meeting after all others had left and we came to an agreement on show music to further develop and tossed around more show title ideas. Then we got a little more into the nuts and bolts of how we’ll move forward, logistically/hierarchally, as a staff. Very cool stuff.

Josh, Aldo, Milton, and I headed over to Jack’s to further talk vizh/brass fundamentals and expectations between the captions to better support and push excellence. I took a lot of notes. It was a great conversation. Gotta make the “you know, when you grab a chicken and move it around like this” some kind of season long inside joke 😀

Love the start we’ve had. Love the energy, the vibe. I’ll be helping with sign in next time because Mike and Josh will be in Indy at the DCI meetings. Getting in on a whole new level of fun! 🙂

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