The Proposal

We’ve know each other, probably before we knew each other. You live a life and have experiences and you meet that one person and it seems like you’ve know them forever. There’s that comfortable feeling you get when you’re around them, but in a stimulating and challenging way. They challenge you, but it’s okay; you feel safe with them at the same time. Things that you’ve never really liked before or even knew of, you like now, when you’re with them…

Your friends and family, your life, your world that have sometimes frustrated you, annoyed you, and even at times embarrassed you is now a life and a world you love and adore in a new way because you see everything through a fresh perspective, and the world sees you a little different because you’ve changed a little, subtle differences in your body language and the way you interact with people.


We were traveling on a road trip along the California coast, a trip we’d taken before, but this one felt more special,  mostly due to me 🙂 I was more relaxed, more ready to laugh at myself, more ready to say yes to what had already been happening for awhile. She looked exceptionally beautiful, which is actually the norm. At our first introduction, after her radiant smile and dynamic personality the next thing I noticed about her was her elegant womenly charms, not easily discernable through her tom-boy attire.

But, put her in a little black dress and OH MY! 😀

Back to the California coast…

Rolling along the scenic route, stopping at interesting places here and there, no specific itinerary. Taking opportunities to wander and hike through nature between stops when the urge strikes. Conversation,  delicious conversation about all matters large and small flows with ease and grace. We find picturesque places to watch the sunsets, camping under the stars side by side at night, then rising each dawn to enjoy another gorgeous day together 🙂

Speaking of perfect… 🙂

I’ve made her very , very angry, and it has happened before and since, and it will happen again. I’m stupid like that; part of my charm. The last very, very angry moment I inspired (?) within her, we were in a gastropub finishing some burgers and beer when she brought up a topic she’s very passionate about. (which really is just about anything she finds interesting enough to talk about at any length.) I’m not sure what reaction she was wanting or expecting from me after she made a string of provocative statements. There was a fire and a hint of defiance in her eye. She sat there staring at me, daring me to respond. In fact, after several moments, she finally said, “well!”

I stared back at her with a slight grin, savoring her energy and the moment. I wanted to respond. She knew I wanted to respond,  but I didn’t, and I wouldn’t. Not in a way she might have excepted anyway; maybe. Refraining as long as I could, drawing the moment out, with neither of us losing eye contact with each other,  she spoke again. “I know you want to say something!” Nodding silently, I agreed. Finally after summoning the most loving of thoughts and feelings, I said…

I Love You

The proposal? Oh yeah, more on that later.

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