Love is…


Love is patient.

Love is creative.

Love is being a good listener.

Love is being present,  physically and emotionally.

Love is when she asks for dinner, saying, what would you like me to cook for you.

Love is hugging her from behind, and kissing her neck, then turning her around and caressing her head against your chest and…

Love is letting go, and waiting.

Love is not perfect.

Love can be frustrating and annoying.

Love is sitting quietly while she works, occasionally refreshing her beverage and snacks.

Love is not always understanding and being okay with that.

Love is giving her the happy ending, and saving yours for later.

Love is always having wine, seasonal fruit, and dark chocolate on hand.

Love is playing board games.

Love is making her smile.

Love is listening to her laugh.

Love is visiting with her family.

Love is bringing her sister’s favorite pie.

Love is watching her sleep while you drive.

Love is spontaneous.

Love remembers, and forgets.

Love is watching the game and not hiking, or vice versa 🙂

Love is fun!

Love is sad. 😦

Love is a bowl of menudo and some tamales on Sunday.

Love is holding hands.

Love is walking together in the rain.

Love is…

to be continued 😀

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