Please Hydrate


Well, ASAP.

Without ranking these excuses, reasons I have heard or reasons I believe people don’t hydrate adequately on a consistent basis:

1. I’m not thirsty

2. I makes me pee

3. It tastes terrible

(I am going to make this a multi-part post because my brain is racing in different directions with just these three reasons)

God made us, so He knows we’re stupid.  That’s why he made breathing an automatic reflex, and the backup system for that is yawning. YOU DON’T YAWN BECAUSE YOU’RE BORED OR TIRED!!! Never in the history of the world has someone suddenly stopped being bored or had a burst of energy after yawning. THERE WAS NOT ENOUGH OXYGEN IN YOUR BODY SO GOD HAD TO MAKE YOU BREATHE!!!

So, I only drink water when I’m thirsty, makes as much sense as only breathing when you need oxygen. EVERY CELL IN YOUR BODY NEEDS WATER. Are you aware of the water cycle? We are part of it. Moisture evaporates. There’s a multi-million dollar industry that lives on the fact that most people hydrate their skin from the outside. DRINK WATER!!!

Unless you suffer from a medical condition, a healthy person should be able to hold their pee 2 to 3 hours. Should you?, no. Here’s the free tip; always go when you can. Before you leave the house, when you get to school or the store, after you order your drinks and food at a restaurant,  go to the bathroom. By the time you wait until you NEED a restroom, it could be very inconvenient. By the time your body has to TELL YOU!, hey, go to the bathroom, you probably could have gone potty an hour or two earlier, but you didn’t give your body that chance. DRINK WATER AND SHUT UP THAT IT MAKES YOU PEE!

I’ve tasted my share of nasty water. I have consumed more than my share of nasty water. So don’t drink water you dont like. There are an obscene amount of water choices at the store. All tap water is not equal. I’ve yet to go out and ask for water that was funky and I didn’t want to drink it. My guess is that those cities with questionable tasting tap water, the restaurants in those cities use a filtration system. Most cities have fairly decent tasting tap water. Point is, buy/procure water that suits your taste, and drink it.

Hydrate now. Hydrate always.

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