2015 Impulse: 2.15.15 The Plan

Ever have a teacher that would announce in class, “this will be on the test.”

but it wasn’t. But something you remember being talked about in class, but didn’t pay too much attention to because you didn’t think it was important, turned out to be on the test?!

Life is a test πŸ˜€

I want to start out Sunday where we left off last time, in terms of exercises and activity. No review. Their task will be to remember as best they can the last thing they did, remind those that don’t remember, teach those that weren’t there, and then impress the heck out of me.

What I’m looking for: who remembers, how well do they remember, who teaches and directs the others, who organizes them into an ensemble ready to perform, and how quickly that all happens.

They will have an unlimited amount of time to do this, but I will ask them to predict a time and number for: A) how long does it take them to organize, Β and B) how many reps before the ensemble performs at an acceptable level of achievement for this point in time.

In between A and B I will remind them what an acceptable level of performance is.


Perfection is the goal. For clarification, imperfect is not completely UNacceptable. Sometimes it is going to suck πŸ˜€ If there is a reason it sucks, correct, fix, move on. If there is no reason for it to suck, give it to God, let it go, move on πŸ™‚

So the scale is: Perfect – Suck

Don’t Suck

Most of what we do will be close to perfect, sometimes it will be absolutely perfect. Let’s focus on the positive!

Next, after “the test” will be a variation of last week’s closing activity. Longer count structure, covering more earth, at a higher velocity.

Fast is good. Loud is good. Fast and loud is best!, but it must be done at the highest level of achievement or…

it will suck. Don’t Suck!

Finally: timing exercise

I got really pissed off thinking about this idea right now, imagining what I expect to see. I hope I am wrong, but experience and what they have shown me so far causes me to fear my concerns about their ability to execute this exercise, as an ensemble, at an acceptable performance level tomorrow, as slim to none 😦

I hope they prove me wrong.

I have an idea. I am going to create max figure it out time and increase the probability that they will suck less πŸ™‚ To be specific about my fear and concerns, the exercise is not how well you can keep your balance, how strong your core is, or how well you can focus. How well they do this last activity will strongly shape my closing remarks.

The success for their season, in terms of doing their best, on a consistent basis, when they are away from the ensemble, will determine their on field success. We will discuss later how we measure success. Β It is very important we quickly come to an agreement on that.

Drink water, stretch, run, do some push ups, sit ups, stretch again, and drink water.

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