2015 Impulse: Auditions #2 Feb 15th


Two year battery vet was there. Sweet. A few horn vets missing. Not naming names. I know it’s early in the season, but everything matters.

As I was talking to Sean, a thought occurred to me and I asked him to relay a message to Hotcakes. Continuing on my way to the field, when I reached there, Sean and Ruben weren’t far behind.

An addition to the battery staff was there this morning.  Estéban. He and Fernando were chatting as they arrived to the field. I get battery started, send them on a task, and walk with Fernando and Estéban to the basketball courts. We get there about the same time the battery is coming around the corner by the tennis courts.Before starting the battery on their next task, I thought I had communicated effectively what the expectation, what they were to do while they walked, and what they were to do when they returned to the basketball courts. I clearly failed, or, maybe not. Either way before the next activity started, a few hands went up, “what are we doing? ” 

After clarification, we began.


It was obvious after that first rep, they did not, as individuals, decide there should be ensemble visual excellence to start the day. I shared my observation with them, reminded them of the expectations I expect them to own, and had them do another rep.

They demonstrated obvious improvement in everyway the second rep. Shared my observation with them, but with a side note. I was not pleased that they’d improved. Improvement should be expected with each additional rep.

Just got an idea for an awareness activity for next time 🙂 Several actually (count total, size, age) (someone remind me March 1st about this)

We moved on to the next activity. (Never beat them into excellence) After observing them do the next activity, they definitely needed more instruction. I have mentioned previously to them that most, if not all, of what they have been taught or learned about the fundamentals of visual basics will apply here. When I have reviewed basic visual concepts, they seem to treat it as a reminder to their previous knowledge, but they are not consistently applying that information when I ask them to do a particular exercise, but they will. I have no doubt.

Sometimes, though, it seems like I’m working with kids! (If you’re under 30, you’re a kid 🙂 )

After they watered up I had them do a timing exercise. They were  far more proficient with this then I had previously anticipated 😀 One thing that is emerging is that the smart kids are figuring it out and are more quickly understanding and demonstrating the given directions faster as the blocks progress. Over all they are all demonstrating increased focus and effort.



However, that should be expected.


Kyle made it out about halfway through the block. I stopped what we were doing, at a logical point, greeted him and asked him if he had anything to say to the kids. He and the young humans exchanged greetings. I could see there’s a connection already there. Sweet.


Oh, but the cymbals TICKED again! AGAIN!!! Argh 😦


After the block ended, Kyle and I walk back to the front of the school together. We talk about stuff and Kyle shares some of his perspective on what he observed during the morning block, which I greatly appreciate.


Tom and Ruben bring Subway for lunch 😀


Brass and battery auditions continued during the second block. 


We have a staff meeting after the masses are dismissed. Calendar check, availability check, a rough plan on how we will begin teaching the show, with a focus on music and movement fundamentals first. For so many people working together for the first time, we are overwhelmingly in sync. Mike verbalized that thought and I told him not to worry; we’ll be fighting and arguing soon 😀

Not really 🙂 

It’s drum corps. We know how it’s done well. We know how to teach excellence. This. Is. Very. Exciting! 😀


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