What everyone should know about marching drum corps


11 and half minutes is finite.
No matter what you’re afraid of. Falling down. Legs turning to dust. Failing to do something well. Every runthrough will end in no more than 11 and a half minutes. All comes to pass.

You have a greater chance of dying in a marching accident than in a plane crash. Or a shark attack.
Drum corps is ABSURDLY dangerous. You run around a field with up to 50 pounds of equipment, multitasking for 11 and half minutes with 149 other people, and your drill writer literally writes dots inches apart from one another.

If you’re in pit and don’t march, you load and unload thousands of pounds of equipment from a truck 700 times a day.

Sometimes it’s 110 degrees outside.

Also, there are thunderstorms and most of your equipment conducts electricity.

If you survive even one year of this, you have a guardian…

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