2015 Impulse: Hornline 3.10

I haven’t had much to say about this section for a variety of reasons. The biggest reason is because of that old saying…

It’s a process πŸ˜€

Truthfully, after listening to the first chunk of the opener a couple of weeks ago, I am EXTREMELY excited about what this section will achieve. Their sound made me get up and walk across the parking lot so I could hear them better πŸ™‚ They rewarded me with a spirited, energetic performance that has me looking forward to seeing and hearing them again soon.

From day one, I’ve been more than honored to be working with Josh and Aldo this season. Didn’t know either of them, personally or professionally, before a few months ago. They both impressed me immediately as being not just highly effective instructors but also in being outstanding people. I like the way they communicate with each other, the way they communicate with other instructional and support staff, and most importantly how they communicate with the hornline members. The hornline is producing and achieving the expected results, so far, and I expect that to improve dramatically in the near future with Josh and Aldo’s instruction.

Louie will also be helping out the brass from time to time. I’ve known Louie forever. He’ll be helping the battery also, and the music ensemble, in all aspects, in general.

Visually, I recently told Hotcakes that I’ve been impressed by what I’ve seen, so far, and that maybe soon I’ll want to switch sections during vizh time, have him with the battery while I take the brass πŸ™‚

Not gonna happen. Couple of reasons. First, consistency. Milton has had the brass during vizh time since workshop #1 and soon enough, we will all be on the field together learning drill. Second, I do not have the battery visually achieving anywhere near where they need to be achieving. I have some ideas on how to address that.

Need to talk with Josh soon about when, if, how visual fundamentals will be addressed during music sectionals. Hotcakes and I met with Josh and Aldo a couple of months ago and we, the four of us, talked in general about ideas and techniques that will enable the brass members to be consistent excellent performers in both captions. Time to revisit that conversation.

An almost unimaginable amount of work remains to be done.

Almost imaginable πŸ˜€

Work. Hard work. Very hard work awaits us.

I am ready.

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