Tour Packing List

This is an edited version of an article I found on the website. I Googled “drum corps packing list” and BAM! 🙂 For the purposes of your tour, this list of items will more than prepare you for a successful experience. Look over this and start planning and gathering now. Some stuff you can coordinate purchasing with friends in bulk 😀

DO NOT bring expensive or valuable items with you on tour. If you need any clarification on the previous statement, let me simply say:

Keep in mind you have to carry ALL your stuff all by yourself, and frequently at around 2 a.m., when you move from housing site to housing site, so packing light is a smart thing. 
NO LAUNDRY DAY You will need clothes for about two weeks. Exact figures of each type of clothing are very much an individual judgment. The formula I use to figure out how much of what to bring is, for undergarments, to add four items for each day of each week. For shorts, subtract four. Shorts, especially if your section does section hype shorts, can easily last more than one day in even the most extreme conditions. However, you don’t ever want to run out of underwear or socks! A tip on packing your clothes: For whatever reason, rolling rather than folding things saves space, and prevents your clothes from getting wrinkled. 
16-20 sets of undergarments
 16-20 T-shirts
 8-12 shorts 
2 long-sleeve T-shirts
 2 pairs of windpants or sweatpants  
2 sets of pajamas 
 1 sweatshirt, fleece, or warm jacket 
1 light rain jacket
 Off-day clothes — you’ll want to look decent when you have the chance! A pair of long and short jeans or khakis (and a belt) and one each of long-sleeve and short sleeve shirts are plenty.
athletic shoes — some people bring an extra pair in case of rain — for the field
shower shoes and sandals for around housing sites
 Uniform accessories: 2-3 sets black T-shirts (under armor) and 3-5 sets black socks, and your marching shoes.
 Keep track NOW of how much you use for a week or two. DO NOT count on any opportunities to restock; too much is better than not enough. 
Toothpaste, toothbrush, toothbrush case and floss 
Contact solution, contact case, lens drops, glasses and glasses case 
Shampoo and conditioner 
Body wash (no bars of soap) and a shower poof 
Razor, and shaving cream 
Body lotion-Towel(s) 
Hairbrush/comb, gel, hair ties/clips/bobby pins 
 We have first-aid supplies, but it’s helpful to have a few of your own things. 
Band-Aids – the “active” variety hold best 
Neosporin- Aspirin/ibuprofin 
Ace bandage- Cloth athletic tape- Any braces (knee, wrist, ankle, elbow, etc.) that you may need 
Aloe vera/Solarcaine – Gold Bond — many people swear by it, although I’ve never used it 
Second Skin — a water-based gel that is great for cushioning blisters
Personal prescriptions — be sure to bring enough! 
In the bus: 
Bungee cord (s ) 
Fitted twin sheet to cover your seat
 Blanket — Pillow
 Reading material 
Practice pad and sticks/mallets 
Carry-on bag — most people just use their backpacks, but keep in mind it has to double as your rehearsal bag
 On the field: 
Water jug — at least a gallon 
Dot book and string
Folder with clear sheets for music — always keep your music with you for reference!
 Baseball Hat, or like hat (not visor) — bringing an extra is always a good idea! 
Sunglasses- Chapstick/lip balm with sunscreen
 Sunscreen, waterproof, SPF 45
Bug spray
Sleeping bag 
Laundry bag for dirty clothes 
Flashlight — a smaller size will do just fine
 Scissors- Duct tape and/or white or black electrical tape 
Ziplock bags — several each sandwich size and gallon size — these double as great toiletries containers, amongst other things 
Kleenex and/or toilet paper 
Pens and pencils- A pad of notebook paper- Staff paper 
Disposable Camera(s)
Cell phone and charger — some people swear by them, others think they’re completely unnecessary. I’ve done one year each with and without.
 Please comment and ask questions
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