2015 Impulse: March 29

The day’s adventure began with HotCakes, F.I.B., Karen, and a drive thru b-fast.

1) Karen needs a nickname
2) I like my coffee like I like my…
3) Don’t e’stomp my hash browns


At the Aliso Niguel HS guard show Saturday, the music volume on the P.A. before awards was WAY TOO LOW, like why was it even on? I wanted to yell, “LOUDER” but I didn’t want to be the old guy yelling from the top of the bleachers. The Savanna guard on the other side of the gym yelled “LOUDER” in unison. The adult running the sound system was oblivious, clueless to his environment. I was seriously annoyed. Not as annoyed as I was at the end of the Vizh block on Sunday. Thankfully, at the drumline show at Westminster HS they played the music LOUD, and the magic happened.


Thank you, Dean.

I want to be a monkey surrounded by puppies.

Sunday morning, Mike greeted me as soon as I walked into the bandroom and wanted me to review a document we’d worked on. I’d spotted Holly before Mike called me over. When Mike and I finished and I turned around >shewasrightthere<. πŸ˜€ I had told her at the last rehearsal I would buy fundraiser stuff from her. I was ready! Got me two bags of toffee peanuts. After that, made my way to my spot, saw Kennen, called him over, reviewed our new routine, and got the show going.

I chatted briefly with the troops before sending them out to the field. Parent meeting today!


It went very well! Carol, Martha, Jayme, Barbara, and Belinda really spoke well about stuff the parents need to know, and made the new parents feel comfortable and very welcome πŸ™‚ (I would have called on Irene to speak also, but I never was able to catch her eye. Maybe next parent meeting πŸ˜€ )

When I got out to the field, HotCakes had just finished an exercise and had the kids on a water break. Perfect timing! I was feeling in touch with the Drum Corps gods. Hotcakes and I had talked briefly before about what I planned to work when I got out there, but I was more interested in watching him continue to work with the corps. Found a good vantage point, and parked myself.

Overall, stuff looked good. Gave them a gush and go and called them over to explain the next. Thought we had an understanding before they reset. The next was actually 3 separate chunks, but very, very manageable chunks; doing what they had already done, but now doing it consecutively and then a combination of 1 and 2.

Chunk 1


Chunk 2

Battery, not great, but not horrible. Well enough to get lunch 10 minutes early.

Spoke briefly to hornline, in educational terms, instructional fundamentals.

Chunk 3


Dismissed the masses to lunch. Called Felix and Alex over to thank them for their presence and consistency. Called the vets over. Decided when they got there that it is too early for me in the season to get crazy with them. Sent them to lunch.

Everyone will see crazy Ray soon enough πŸ˜€

Being a consistently reflective person, I knew right away that I was the biggest impediment to the hornline not having higher achievement. Shared some of those thoughts with HotCakes. I could have done a better job to have enabled them to have had more success. That said, based on what they demonstrated prior to the end of the block, they could have, and they should have been much, much more consistent and had a stronger finish to the end of the block than they did.

Spent the whole sectional time in the quad, listening to the hornline. Talked with Matt and Rebeca some…Sorry Rebeca πŸ™‚ Talked some with Noah…Sorry Noah. Tom was there for both. You're welcome Tom πŸ˜›

I'm excited. This version of Impulse has A LONG WAY to go still, but they WILL get there.

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