Love is… (part 2)



Holding your tongue

Not always yelling “LOUDER” when you think the music volume is too low

Listening, watching, not judging (I need to work on this one A LOT)


Instant Messages and Private Messages, just because


Doing the dishes, because they are there and you are there

Buying your mom a diet coke, even though she gave it up for Lent, but you forgot and the combo meal comes with a drink πŸ™‚

Saying “No” when you’d rather saying yes

Saying “No” when you really mean, NOOOOOOO!

Putting your best foot forward, and leaving it there πŸ˜›

Making the best of any given situation

Smuggling food and drink into the gym for your family because the show is so long and they’ve been there all day πŸ™‚

Smiling and being polite and respectful (unless someone needs to be punched in the throat, then all bets are off)

Good memories


Making cupcakes, and bringing to them to friends (or buying donuts, same difference)

Letting your friend on crutches struggle with his food and drink tray because you’re confident he’s got it

Going to the store for your lady friend because she ran out of her lady things

A slice of Key Lime pie and two forks


Missing old friends

Showing appreciation

Not commenting on a FB post. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should

Not seeing someone for 30 years and remembering their name when you see them again

When everyone calls you mama

A pregnant pause


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