2015 Impulse: 4.23

Moving forward.

No comments about the April 12th rehearsal. Not because there wasn’t anything positive, but…

Moving forward.

The rubber is about to hit the road. Not one of my favorite expressions, but an appropriate one for the context; because I say so 😛

Simple rules to follow:
When it’s time to move, MOVE.
When it’s time to make something happen, MAKE IT HAPPEN.


I will demonstrate patience, I will nurture, and I will be compassionate, but…


If you dont understand something, ASK

When you move, you are expected to move and conduct yourself in all manner with consistent excellence. I am not only referring to rehearsal situations. At this point, assume this means in all situations, forever more.

*going from point A to point B
– 1) be thoughtful, be deliberate
– 2) be considerate of any and all time variables
– 3) and then ask yourself, did you get from point A to point B with the efficiency, and with the accuracy, and with degree of style desired

(at least as far as your gig is concerned)
– follow points 1-3
– consistently reflect and evaluate the degree of your application of points 1-3
– adjust your effort accordingly, and at the very least, apologize to the grass (‘sh’ups)

Consistent Excellence = Max Your Gig

There you go. That simple. Well…

It’s not easy; but it is, but it’s not, but it is.

It’s not about me. It’s not about you. It’s about us. 😀

Life can be fun and enjoyable, if you make that choice now and develop habits of the mind that will NEVER FAIL YOU, if you apply them consistently and with excellence of outcomes in mind.

But Ray, what was this concept of bullshit you’ve spoken of before?

Yeah. So. And?

If you do not recall the lesson regarding “The Bullshit of Life”, well then that would fall under the previous direction of WHEN YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND (remember) SOMETHING, ASK.


Once we can all agree on the basic cognitive and behavioral concepts we will all be operating from, forever more, we can move forward, over, under, around, and/or through any and all variables or elements that exist between point A and point B. Because…

It’s not about you. It’s not about me. It’s about us.


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