The Bullshit of Life


It happens. Everyplace, everywhere, all the time. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.


Reality is based ENTIRELY on our perception. What we think is real, is! Truth, the universal truths that exist in all of creation, can only be seen and known by the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Bullshit, therefore, is simply then, that which we determine to be the person, place, thing, or idea which we have decided to be full of the shit!

Like me! Maybe. Probably. No, not really. But that is a reality, not mine, but maybe someone else’s. Why not. 😛

The bullshit of life is something that must be dealt with. It is completely unavoidable. Now, understand, bullshit is clever and comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and sounds. Bullshit comes in any and all variables that can be perceived. That’s why suddenly we find ourselves in situations where we get that overwhelming sensation of, “this is bullshit!” Bullshit was disguised as something else, or at least, we failed to perceive the bullshit until we made ourselves aware of it.

Now, we can talk forever, and a day, about the who, what, where, why, how much, etc. about that which is the bullshit, but, it’s really pointless and a waste of time. In other words, talking about bullshit is BULLSHIT! 🙂

The ironies of life are infinite.

Let assume then the original premise, the bullshit of life is unavoidable, is a valid premise and move forward from there.

How, you say. Well, you just do.

That simple.

We make plans, we prepare, we anticipate, we hope, we are promised, we believe that this that and the other are, were, will be, but then…

Shit happens. Bullshit.


Anger, fruatration, etc. and all manner of emotions are valid, but…move forward.

Take your time after the bullshit, put your big boy or big girl pants on and move forward.

Life is to be enjoyed. Relationships are more fun when we laugh and have fun with the bullshit of life, rather than cry about it and try to avoid it.

Because we can’t avoid the bullshit. No one can.


Let’s hold hands, figuratively or literally, which ever works for you, look both ways, and move forward!

…and love, and enjoy!

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