2015 Impulse: April 26 PACIFIC OCEAN

Well, that was interesting, exciting, challenging! ๐Ÿ™‚

Always have a plan. The planning during the week prior to rehearsal became Plan B prior to the weekend, which then became Plan C the morning of. The communication channels were open; we all adjusted and moved forward on the best path possible. All changes were purely logistical.

I asked Kennen, battery captain, to check in with me prior to a rehearsal block so I can communicate the plan for the day to him, then he can share that information with the rest of the battery. He did, and did. We will get a semi-formal thing going, similar to that, with all the student leaders soon, and an end of the day feedback share also with student leaders.

Kids got going and I stayed in the Bandroom to talk show with captionheads and most of the design team. Overall, the meeting went very well. We clarified the vision and emotional intent of the show. Bottom line, we all wanted the transitional nuances to not only make sense to us as instructors, but to also make them achievable for the performers, and to create impactful moments that anyone in the audience (Grandma) would love, appreciate, and be excited about. ๐Ÿ˜€ Well done team. Well done.

Since adjustments were made to the schedule, thought I would continue my own ocassional young human experiments for this morning. Separated battery from the brass, sent battery to do battery things. Moved brass to the grassy shady chunk of Earth in the front of the school.

Being 2 miles away from the Pacific Ocean has it’s advantages and disadvantages. Advantages, we’re 2 miles away from the Pacific Ocean. Disadvantages, beautiful sunny days can be very cold and windy. When the wind has about 7000 miles to pick up speed along a relatively flat surface, yeah, it’s windy ALL THE TIME. Advantages, moderate weather. Disadvantages, all of our shows and tour will have weather temperatures 20 to 30 (maybe 40) degrees warmer than the kids are experiencing during their training.

Had a brief chat with the kids about the realities of tour. Lots of new people and I wanted them to begin to understand it will be long lesson in survival, and SERIOUSLY begin training themselves now for the, as of now, for SOME of the unimaginable tour realities I shared with them. (A thought I just had for a camp chat next week: bus etiquette and truck loading etiquette.)

Got them up, put ’em in a block, had them move.

Reset. Again.

Reset. Again.

In hindsight, I need to improve my skills and methods as an instructor. In that moment, before lunch, I was not fully appreciating the amount of variables the kids were dealing with in attempting to achieve the given instructions. I’ve made note of my error and I will be better. (Shout out to Tom for helping me get my attitude in check during lunch, and Hotcakes was there too, ready with his flavor stick ๐Ÿ˜› )

Marinated on some admin stuff during the second block, talked with some parents too.

End of the day gave announcements about the camp next weekend and sent them on their way. Josh gave me a ride home and we had A LOT to talk about. All good! ๐Ÿ˜€

Everything is moving along well. We are all helping, supporting, and reaching out to each other. I think we are providing excellent examples of how a group of people can effectively communicate and creating an environment for young people to learn and thrive.


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