2015 Impulse: Being Prepared = Confidence

You are about to enter the most critical part of your season.

You may know, or you may not know, the days and the hours and the moments leading up to a performance affect and effect that performance. How well you prepare in the days before a performance has the greatest effect on how well you perform. Your affect in the hours and moments before a performance will also have a great impact. A steady, confident affect will GREATLY enhance your performance; and your affect before a performance is COMPLETELY impacted by your careful preparation, your thoughtful preparation, your consistent preparation, and the intensity of your preparation.

Note that the words PERFORMANCE and PREPARATION are consistently repeated.

Performance is not an option. You will perform. How well you PERFORM is entirely up to you.

You will be prepared, but for what?

Impulse will take the field in a little more than a couple of weeks, notes will be played, bodies will move, show design and show composition will be evident, but…

To what degree will your efforts be noted? Will the audience be WOWED or will the audience be like, that was nice, next.

You decide. You decide as an individual. You decide as a section. You decide as a drumcorps.

You’ve been given sheet music with exercises and warm ups to use at rehearsal. Have you memorized them? Does someone have to ask you to memorize something you want to: perform well, perform flawlessly, perform with consistency, and perform with a degree of excellence?


Where is it? When will it be evident?

Will you perform when you have a show to perform? Why wait? What about during the process of learning the show? Will you perform as you learn the show?

PERFORM = pour every ounce of your heart and mind, body and soul into each beat, into each moment.

Maximize our time together as an ensemble.

Know your performer responsibilities.

Know your music.

Know all your count structures.

(at home, in the car – color guard exempt here, at the store, during lunch, when you wake up – which is now an hour earlier because you now realize sleep is for the dead, before you go to bed, instead of hanging out with nondrumcorps friends)


Fatigue and discomfort are concepts that need to be pushed as far into the background as possible.

Make the MAGIC happen.

One day…it will happen.

One day…

Leave no doubt to where your PERFORMER INITIATIVE is.

Leave no doubt what you want the legacy of Impulse 2015 to be.

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